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Adventure Camp
Country of origin United States
Running time 30 minutes (with commercials)
Original network Discovery Kids
Original release May 17, 2003 – May 14, 2008

Adventure Camp is an American television series that aired on Discovery Kids/The Hub. The show took place at SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa. It was based upon the real life camps of SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Adventure Camps. The show was not staged, and the campers did take part in real life Adventure camp activities such as diving in the SeaWorld shark tank and cleaning up after animals on the veldt at Busch Gardens Tampa.

The summary is four kids from the United States and four kids from the United Kingdom go to Florida. They have many adventures such as feeding Orcas at Seaworld and cleaning up after animals at Busch Gardens. Adventure Camp aired in March 2008. It was being shown on Discovery Kids. Many of the adventures are exciting, thrilling, and sometimes gross, but at the end someone who showed a quality such as teamwork would receive a necklace and the honor to get to go on an extra special adventure the following day.

Each camper received a necklace and were told that if they earned 20 beads on the necklace by the end of the trip, then they would get a close encounter with an animal of some kind, which turned out to be swimming with dolphins. Domonique was the only one not to earn enough beads, but Melissa felt that Domonique deserved them more and then gave two of her beads to Domonique. The counselors then gave Melissa a chance to earn the extra 2 needed by participating in a manatee release.

Season 1 Animal Care

Each of the eight campers is given an animal to take care of throughout the duration of Adventure Camp. It is unknown who took care of Brandon's animal after he left the camp in episode 7.

Camper Hometown Animal
Bill McLean, Virginia Toad/Aquarium
Brandon South Lake Tahoe, California Turtle
Chad Silver Spring, Maryland Reef Aquarium
David Huntsville, Texas Yellow Rat Snake
Domonique Sylmar, California Alligator
Kimmy Tucson, Arizona Anoles
Melissa Marietta, Georgia Hermit Crabs
Sadie Canyon Lake, California Sharks

Season 1 episodes

# Episode Title
1 Arrival
2 Manatee Rescue
3 Crystal River
4 Zookeeper for a Day
5 Escape for a Day
6 Trainer for a Day
7 Adventure Venture
8 Trek to the Everglades
9 Swamp Safari
10 Everlasting Everglades
11 Scramble for the Beads
12 Judgment Day
13 Dolphin Swim

Season 2

See Adventure Florida

A second season aired on Discovery Kids, in 2008 and featured 4 kids from the United States and 4 kids from the United Kingdom. The counselors were Bill Street and Kelly Deidring. In every episode a word relating to a quality they should have, such as respect or tolerance, was said to the campers and the counselors would give a necklace to the camper who they feel represented that word the best on that day. Then the camper could choose another camper to go with them on a special experience. In the end, Warren won the final challenge and got to keep the necklace for good.

Season 2 Animal Care

Each of the eight campers pick a piece of paper with the names of two animals on it, The two campers who each pick the same animals must take care of those two animals together during the duration of Adventure Camp. Each of the eight campers also are given an animal to do a presentation on the final day of camp.

Camper Age Hometown Animal care Presentation
Adriana 12 Branch, Louisiana Sloth & Macaw Macaw
Alex 13 Southampton, England Cuscus & Possum Cuscus
Ally 15 Ipswich, England Cuscus & Possum Possum
Brian 13 McLean, Virginia Lemurs & Reptiles Lemurs
Chris 14 Santa Maria, California Flamingos & Skunk Flamingos
Claire 12 Watford, England Flamingos & Skunk Skunk
Cori 13 Chicago, Illinois Sloth & Macaw Sloth
Warren 14 Birmingham, England Lemurs & Reptiles Reptiles

Season 2 episodes

# Episode Title
14 Welcome to Florida
15 Animals 101
16 Gators on the River
17 See the Sea of Life
18 Meet the Manatees
19 The GeoCache Challenge
20 Big Cat Call
21 Pole to Pole
22 Date with Dolphins
23 The Reptile Encounter
24 Swimming with Sharks
25 Animals of the Everglades
26 Key to the Keys, Part 1
27 Key to the Keys, Part 2
28 Going Home
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