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AlphaGo is a computer program that plays the board game Go. It was made by DeepMind Technologies (Google affiliate). This program became famous due to the victories against professional players.

Many new technologies were used to create AlphaGo, including deep learning, optimization, and the Monte Carlo algorithm.

Powered versions

After the release of AlphaGo, DeepMind Technologies has made powered versions such as the AlphaGo Zero and the AlphaZero: AlphaZero is a self-taught program. This means that it became powerful without human guidance.


The following table is the summary of AlphaGo achievements (including its variants).

Strength of AlphaGo and its variants
Versions Hardware Elo rating Date Results
AlphaGo versus Fan Hui 176 GPUs,distributed 3,144 Oct 2015 5:0 against Fan Hui (professional player)
AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol 48 Tensor processing units (TPUs), distributed 3,739 Mar 2016 4:1 against Lee Sedol (former Korean & world champion)
AlphaGo Master 4 TPUs, single machine 4,858 May 2017 60:0 against professional players
AlphaGo Zero (40 block) 4 TPUs, single machine 5,185 Oct 2017 100:0 against AlphaGo version that defeated Lee Sedol

89:11 against AlphaGo Master

AlphaZero (20 block) 4 TPUs, single machine 5,018 Dec 2017 60:40 against AlphaGo Zero (20 block)


After the appearance of AlphaGo, several research groups have created computer Go programs with similar technical viewpoints.


This was made by Facebook. The source codes are available on GitHub.


This was made in Japan. Nihon Ki-in was also involved in its research and development.

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