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አማርኛ āmariññā
Pronunciation /amarɨɲɲa/
Native to Ethiopia, Israel
Native speakers 17,000,000+ total, 14,000,000+ monolinguals (1998)  (date missing)
Language family
  • Semitic
    • South Semitic
      • Ethiopian
        • South
          • Transversal
            • Amharic-Argobba
              • Amharic
Writing system Ge'ez alphabet abugida
Official status
Official language in Ethiopia and the following specific regions: Addis Ababa City Council, Amhara Region, Benishangul-Gumuz Region, Dire Dawa Administrative council, Gambela Region, SNNPR
Regulated by no official regulation

Amharic (አማርኛ āmariññā) is a Semitic language spoken in North Central Ethiopia by the Amhara. It is the second most spoken Semitic language after Arabic, and the official language of Ethiopia. Amharic is also the official or working language of several of the states, including Amhara Region and the multi-ethnic Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region.

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