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Ana Juan
Juan in a Photo by Laura Martínez Lombardía
Born 1961
Valencia, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Occupation Artist, painter, illustrator, sculptor

Ana Juan (born 1961 in Valencia, Spain) is a Spanish artist, illustrator and painter.

Life and career

After graduating in fine arts from Universidad Politécnica in Valencia (1982), she moved to Madrid at the height of the movida madrileña and in the early 1980s she collaborated with magazines such as La Luna and Madriz (where "for the first seven months of the magazine's life, [she] was the only regular female artist" and for which "she authored seventeen comic book works" and illustrated many scripts for other artists).

In 1991, she temporarily moved to Paris and exhibited in Geneva and New York. In 1994, she received a fellowship by the Japanese publishing house Kodansha and lived in Japan for three months.

Back in Madrid in 1995, she started contributing to The New Yorker, for which she has designed more than 20 covers over the years, among which "Solidarité", after the Charlie Hébdo shooting in Paris.

In 1998 and 1999, she was awarded the Gold Medal (category: Illustration) by the Society of Newspaper Design and on September 24, 2010, she was awarded the “Premio Nacional de Ilustración” by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

She currently creates her own books (texts and illustrations), exhibits her work all over the world (Spain, Mexico, Japan, Italy…) and contributes to many Spanish and international magazines. She has also illustrated many Isabel Allende’s book covers for Plaza e Janés (Penguin Random House), including Retrato en Sepia, Eva Luna, El cuaderno de Maya, Of Love and Shadows. She is one of the very few artists who was allowed by the author himself to illustrate a book by Stephen King, namely The Man in the Black Suit (El hombre del traje negro, Nórdica Libros, 2017).


Solo exhibitions

  • 1988 Galerie Notuno, Geneve
  • 1989 Galería Mama Graf, Seville
  • 1992 "Graphic works", Galería del Progreso, Madrid
  • 1992 121 Greene Street Gallery, New York
  • 1993 "Graphic works", Galería Viciana, Valencia
  • 1993 "Graphic works", Galería Bubión, Granada
  • 1993 "Graphic works", Galería Jordi Barnadas, Barcelona
  • 1993 Galería del Progreso, Madrid
  • 1994 121 Greene Street Gallery, New York
  • 1994 Art Miami, 121 Greene Street Gallery, New York
  • 1997 Galería Taller Mayor 28, Madrid
  • 1997 Galería Tiempos Modernos, Madrid
  • 1998 "Sculpture", Galería Tiempos Modernos, Madrid
  • 1999 Bellreguard, Casa de Cultura, Valencia
  • 1999 Galería Sen, Madrid
  • 2000 Artexpo 2000, Galería María José Castellví, Barcelona
  • 2005 "Cor i Foscor", Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca
  • 2011 "Snowhite's Secret Box", Museo ABC, Madrid
  • 2012 "Snowhite's Secret Box", Pinacoteca di Bologna
  • 2014 "Ana Juan. Posters 2002–2014", La factoría de papel, Madrid
  • 2014 "Amantes", "Carmilla", "Frida" and "Snowhite", Museo de la ciudad, Querétaro
  • 2017 "Dibujando al otro lado", Museo ABC, Madrid 16.03.17–18.06.17
  • 2017 "El hombre del traje negro", exhibition of the original works, Panta Rhei, Madrid

Group exhibitions

  • 1991 "Arco 91", Ediciones Dos Negritos, Madrid
  • 1992 "Collage", Galería del Progreso, Madrid
  • 1993 "El canto de la tripulación", Galería Detursa, Madrid
  • 1993 "X Anniversary", Galería Viciana, Valencia
  • 1993 "Bestiario", Galería del Progreso, Madrid
  • 1994 "El muro de Woodstock", Woodstock94, Woodstock
  • 1995 "Falsos originales", Galería Maeght, Barcelona
  • 1995 "L’Homme sans tête", Galerie Michel Lagarde, Paris
  • 1995 "El objeto del arte", Fundación Juan March, Cuenca
  • 1999 "Tango", Galerie Contours, Hamburg
  • 2001 "Arco 2001", Galería Sen, Madrid
  • 2001 "Los cuatro sentidos", Galería Maria José Castellví, Barcelona
  • 2001 "La elegancia del espíritu", Galería María José Castellví, Barcelona
  • 2001 "Mi mejor amigo", Galería Sen, Madrid
  • 2001 "Tipos ilustrados", Cromotex, Madrid
  • 2012 "Les couvertures du New Yorker", Galerie Martel, Paris
  • 2014 Latin Beat Film Festival, T-Site Daikanyama, Tokyo, with Roger Olmos and Alejandro Magallanes
  • 2016 "Sobras de arte", La factoría de papel, Madrid
  • 2017 "Sobras de arte", La factoría de papel, Madrid
  • 2017 "El tercer año", La factoría de papel, Madrid
  • 2017 "Fanzination. Los fanzines de cómic en España", Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM), Valencia
  • 2017 "Los siete pecados capitales", Espai Refugi @ Galería Shiras, Valencia
  • 2017–18 "Pasa página. Una invitación a la lectura", Museo Biblioteca Nacional de España, Madrid
  • 2018, "Under the Influence: The Private Collection of Peter de Sève”, Society of Illustrators, New York
  • 2019, “Milagros”, Instituto Cervantes, Roma (with Roger Olmos)

Prizes and awards

  • 1984 Best cover of the year, Saló del Còmic de Barcelona, Spain
  • 1988 Trofeo Laus 88 for Best Advertising Illustration, Spain
  • 1994 Kodansha Publishing scholarship, Japan
  • 1995, 1996 and 1997 Silver Medal by the Society of Newspaper Design, category: Illustration
  • 1998 and 1999 Gold Medal by the Society of Newspaper Design, category: Illustration
  • 2001 “Best illustrated book” by the Conselleria de Cultura Educació i Ciència de la Generalitat Valenciana for Snowhite
  • 2005 The Ezra Jack Keats for The Night Eater, USA
  • 2005 Comston Book Award, Minnesota State University, USA
  • 2006 Lupine Award, Picture Book Winner (category: illustrator), Maine, USA
  • 2007 Junceda Iberia Prize, APIC – Asociación de Ilustradores de Cataluña, for For you are a Kenyan Child, Spain
  • 2010 National Illustration Award, Spanish Ministry of Culture, Spain
  • 2012 San Carlos Medal, Facultad de BBAA, Valencia, Spain
  • 2017: Golden Award of the ADCV, in the category "new media: installations” for the interactive exhibition “Ana Juan. Dibujando al otro lado” (in collaboration with the Politécnico de Valencia)
  • 2017: Golden Award of the ADCV, in the category "new media: gaming” for the project “Earthland, Snowhite’s Mystery Tale” (simultaneous to the exhibition “Ana Juan. Dibujando al otro lado”, in collaboration with the Politécnico de Valencia)


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