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Ansei (安政) was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Kaei and before Man'en. This period started in November 1854 and ended in March 1860. During this time, the emperor was Kōmei-tennō (孝明天皇).

The nengō Ansei means "tranquil government".

Events of the Ansei era

Silver coin minted in the Ansei era
  • 1854 (Ansei 1): The Ansei-Tōkai Quake (安政東海地震, Ansei Tōkai Jishin) was an 8.4 magnitude earthquake which struck on December 23, 1854. The epicenter ranged from Suruga Bay to the deep ocean, and struck primarily in the Tōkai region, but destroyed houses as far away as in Edo. The accompanying tsunami caused damage along the entire coast from the Bōsō Peninsula in modern-day Chiba prefecture to Tosa province (modern-day Kōchi prefecture)
  • 1854 (Ansei 1): The Ansei-Nankai Quake (安政南海地震, Ansei Nankai Jishin) was an 8.4 magnitude earthquake which struck on December 24, 1854. Over 10,000 people from the Tōkai region down to Kyushu were killed.
  • 1855 (Ansei 2): After the Imperial Palace was destroyed by fire in 1854 (Kaei 7), it was re-built in nine months.
  • 1855 (Ansei 2, 21st day of the 11th month): The emperor moved in a grand procession from the Katsura Palace to the newly completed palace in Kyoto.
  • 11 November 1855 (Ansei 2): Great Ansei Earthquake in Edo. Epicenter -- (Latitude: 36.000/Longitude: 140.000), 6.9 magnitude on the Richter Scale.
  • 15 November 1857 (Ansei 4): Nagasaki Medical School was opened. Dr. Pompe van Meerdevoort gave the first formal public lecture at the new school.
  • 1858-1860 (Ansei 4-Ansei 6): Cholera killed between 100,000 and 200,000 people in Edo.
  • 29 July 1959 (Ansei 5): Ii Naosuke signs Japanese-American Treaty of Amity and Commerce (also known as the "Harris Treaty").
  • 1858 (Ansei 5): Beginning of Ansei Purge which was ordered by Ii Naosuke.
  • March 24, 1860 (Ansei 7): Ii Naosuke was assassinated, also known as the "Sakurada-mon Incident"

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