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L'Armançon a Nuits DSC 0217.JPG
The Armançon river in Nuits
Country France
Regions Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Grand Est‎
Departments Côte-d'Or, Yonne, Aube
 - right Brenne, Armance
Cities Semur-en-Auxois, Tonnerre, Saint-Florentin, Migennes
Source Auxois
 - location Meilly-sur-Rouvres, Côte-d'Or, France
 - elevation 420 m (1,378 ft)
 - coordinates 47°13′06″N 4°32′53″E / 47.21833°N 4.54806°E / 47.21833; 4.54806
Mouth Yonne
 - location Migennes, Yonne, France
 - elevation 79 m (259 ft)
 - coordinates 47°57′08″N 3°30′31″E / 47.95222°N 3.50861°E / 47.95222; 3.50861
Length 202 km (126 mi)
Basin 3,077 km² (1,188 sq mi)
Discharge for Brienon-sur-Armançon
 - average 28.90 /s (1,021 cu ft/s)

The Armançon is a river in France. It is a right tributary of the Yonne river. It flows mostly through the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

Eight communes have the name of the river in their names: Aisy-sur-Armançon, Argenteuil-sur-Armançon, Brienon-sur-Armançon, Chailly-sur-Armançon, Montigny-sur-Armançon, Pacy-sur-Armançon, Perrigny-sur-Armançon, Saint-Martin-sur-Armançon.


The Armançon river has a length of 202.1 km (125.6 mi) and a drainage basin with an area of 3,077 km2 (1,188 sq mi).

Its average yearly discharge (volume of water which passes through a section of the river per unit of time) is 28.90 cubic metres per second at Brienon-sur-Armançon in the Yonne department.


The source of the Armançon is in the natural region of Auxois, about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) to the northwest of the town Meilly-sur-Rouvres, Côte-d'Or department, at an altitude of about 420 m (1,378 ft).

The Armançon flows, in general, to the northwest and passes through the following regions, departments and communes:

Finally, it flows, as a right tributary into the Yonne river at the limits of the communes Migennes and Cheny, in the Yonne department, at 81 m (266 ft) of altitude.

Main tributaries

The main tributaries, with a length greater than 30 km, of the Armançon are (only right tributaries because the left tributaries are very short):

  • Brenne - 71.7 km;
  • Armance - 47.7 km;


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