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This is a list of rivers that are at least partially in France. The rivers are grouped by sea or ocean.

In French, rivers are called fleuves when they flow into the sea (or into a desert or lake). They are called rivières when they flow into another river. The fleuves are shown in bold.

List of rivers

North Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted north-east (Netherlands) to south-west (Calais).

The Channel

The rivers in this section are sorted east (Calais) to west (Brest).

Atlantic Ocean

The rivers in this section are sorted north (Brest) to south (Spain).

  • Élorn (near Brest)
  • Aulne (in Logonna-Daoulas)
  • Odet (near Quimper)
  • Laïta (in Guidel)
  • Blavet (in Lorient)
    • Ével (in Baud, Morbihan)
  • Vilaine (in Pénestin)
    • Oust (in Redon)
      • Arz (in Saint-Jean-la-Poterie)
      • Aff (in Glénac)
    • Don (in Massérac)
    • Chère (in Sainte-Anne-sur-Vilaine)
    • Semnon (in Bourg-des-Comptes)
    • Meu (in Goven)
  • Loire (in Saint-Nazaire)
    • Sèvre Nantaise (in Nantes)
    • Erdre (in Nantes)
    • Èvre (in Le Marillais)
    • Layon (in Chalonnes-sur-Loire)
    • Maine (near Angers)
    • Thouet (in Saumur)
      • Dive (near Saint-Just-sur-Dive)
      • Argenton (near Saint-Martin-de-Sanzay)
      • Thouaret (near Thouars)
    • Vienne (in Candes-Saint-Martin)
      • Creuse (north of Châtellerault)
        • Gartempe (in La Roche-Posay)
          • Anglin (in Angles-sur-l'Anglin)
            • Salleron (in Ingrandes)
            • Benaize (in Saint-Hilaire-sur-Benaize)
          • Brame (in Darnac)
          • Semme (in Droux)
        • Bouzanne (in Le Pont-Chrétien-Chabenet)
        • Petite Creuse (in Fresselines)
      • Clain (in Châtellerault)
        • Clouère (in Château-Larcher)
      • Briance (in Condat-sur-Vienne)
      • Taurion (in Saint-Priest-Taurion)
    • Indre (in Avoine)
      • Indrois (in Azay-sur-Indre)
    • Cher (in Villandry)
      • Sauldre (in Selles-sur-Cher)
        • Rère (in Villeherviers)
      • Arnon (near Vierzon)
      • Yèvre (in Vierzon)
      • Tardes (in Évaux-les-Bains)
        • Voueize (in Chambon-sur-Voueize)
    • Beuvron (in Chaumont-sur-Loire)
      • Cosson (in Candé-sur-Beuvron)
    • Vauvise (in Saint-Satur)
    • Allier (near Nevers)
    • Acolin (near Decize)
    • Aron (in Decize)
      • Alène (in Cercy-la-Tour)
    • Besbre (near Dompierre-sur-Besbre)
    • Arroux (in Digoin)
      • Bourbince (in Digoin)
    • Arconce (in Varenne-Saint-Germain)
    • Lignon du Forez (in Feurs)
    • Lignon du Velay (in Monistrol-sur-Loire)
  • Lay (in L'Aiguillon-sur-Mer)
  • Sèvre Niortaise (in Marans)
    • Vendée (in Marans)
  • Charente (near Rochefort)
    • Boutonne (in Cabariot)
    • Seugne (near Courcoury)
    • Bonnieure (near Mansle)
      • Tardoire (in Saint-Ciers-sur-Bonnieure)
        • Bandiat (in Agris)
  • Seudre (in Marennes)
  • Dordogne (into the Gironde estuary near Ambès)
    • Isle (in Libourne)
      • Dronne (in Coutras)
        • Lizonne (in Saint-Séverin)
        • Côle (in Condat-sur-Trincou)
      • Beauronne (near Mussidan)
      • Auvézère (in Bassillac)
      • Loue (in Coulaures)
    • Vézère (near Le Bugue)
    • Céou (in Castelnaud-la-Chapelle)
    • Cère (near Bretenoux)
    • Maronne (in Argentat)
    • Luzège (in Laval-sur-Luzège)
    • Triouzoune (in Sérandon)
    • Diège (in Roche-le-Peyroux)
    • Rhue (in Bort-les-Orgues)
    • Chavanon (in Confolent-Port-Dieu)
  • Adour (near Bayonne)
    • Nive (in Bayonne)
    • Bidouze (in Guiche)
    • Gave de Pau (near Peyrehorade)
    • Luy (near Tercis-les-Bains)
      • Luy de France (near Gaujacq)
      • Luy de Béarn (near Gaujacq)
    • Louts (near Hinx)
    • Midouze (near Pontonx-sur-l'Adour)
    • Gabas (in Toulouzette)
    • Léez (near Aire-sur-l'Adour)
    • Arros (near Riscle)
      • Bouès (near Marciac)
    • Échez (in Maubourguet)
  • Bidasoa (in Hendaye)

Mediterranean Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted west (Spain) to east (Italy).

In Corsica

The rivers in this section are sorted clockwise along the Corsican coast starting from Cap Corse.

  • Golo (near Bastia)
  • Tavignano (in Aléria)
  • Taravo (near Propriano)

Po basin (Adriatic Sea)

  • Po/Pô (near Venice, Italy)
    • Dora Riparia/Doire Ripaire (in Turin, Italy)
      • Cenischia/Cenise (in Susa, Italy)
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