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The Arroux near the Porte d'Arroux in Autun.
Country  France
Regions Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Departments Côte-d'Or, Saône-et-Loire, Allier
 - left Drée, Mesvrin, Bourbince
 - right Ternin, Méchet
Cities Autun, Gueugnon, Digoin
 - location Culètre, Côte-d'Or, France
 - elevation 430 m (1,411 ft)
 - coordinates 47°8′54″N 4°33′22″E / 47.14833°N 4.55611°E / 47.14833; 4.55611
Confluence Loire River
 - location Digoin, Saône-et-Loire, France
 - elevation 224 m (735 ft)
 - coordinates 46°29′24″N 3°57′33″E / 46.49000°N 3.95917°E / 46.49000; 3.95917
Length 129.4 km (80 mi)
Basin 3,166 km² (1,222 sq mi)
Discharge for Digoin
 - average 34.20 /s (1,208 cu ft/s)

The Arroux is a river in central France. It is a right tributary of the Loire river.


The Arroux river has a length of 129.4 km (80.4 mi), and a drainage basin with an area of 3,166 km2 (1,222 sq mi).


The Arroux river starts in Culètre commune in the south of the Côte-d'Or) department, at an altitude of about 430 m (1,411 ft). From here, the Arroux flows first to the west and then to the southwest.

The Arroux river flows through 2 regions and 3 departments. It flows through the following communes, among others:

Finally, it flows into the Loire river near the town of Digoin.

Main tributaries

The main tributaries of the Arroux river are:


Its average yearly discharge (volume of water which passes through a section of the river per unit of time) is 34.20 m3/s (1,208 cu ft/s) at Digoin in the Saône-et-Loire department.

Average monthly discharge (m3/s) at Digoin (1958 - 2017)


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