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Tazos were first released in Australia in 1995 with the Looney Tunes set, since then the Tazo series has grown with various themes which include various The Simpsons sets, Beyblades, Star Wars, Marvel Heroes and ended in 2008 with AFL and NRL footy sets.

Tazo identification

Tazos were released in Smith's Snackfood products and can be identified with the official Tazo logo in capitals on all packaging and back of each disc - the name Tazo with the "O" in Tazo hitting a stack of 3 Tazos. Discs without the branding on the back are not considered official Tazos; the only exception is the Simpsons Tazo Pickers (2002) set which was a joint venture between Smith's Snackfood Company and Australian company Hot Shots, all the Tazos released by Smith's Snackfood products have the Tazo logo. The Hot Shots discs were released as "Pickers" only.

Over the years there have been similar cards offered by other companies in packets of chips like Pokémon, Digimon and Lord Of The Rings, however, these have not been marketed under the Tazo brand in Australia and aren't considered an official Tazo product.

Tazo sets

Below is a list of official basic Australian Tazos and the year they were released.

Series Number Run Year
Looney Tunes 1-60 1995
Cheetah 61-100 1995
Looney Tunes Techno 101-140 1995
The Simpsons 141-180 1996
Chester Cheetah Techno Tazo 181-200 1996
Time Warp Looney Tunes 201-220 1996
Space Jam 1-80 1996
Star Wars 81-160 1997
Batman & Robin 1-40 1997
The Simpsons Pickers 1-120 2002
Beyblades Tazo Topz 1-54 2003
Mega Tazo Topz 1-65 2003
Yu-Gi-Oh! Metalix| 1-60 2004
Crush Gear Tazo 1-40 2004
The Simpsons Bowlarama 1-50 2005
Marvel Heroes 1-50 2005
The Simpsons TV Tazo 1-50 2006
AFL Hot Shot Tazo 1-30 2006
NRL Hot Shot Tazo 1-30 2006
Footy NRL Tazo Classic 1-48 2007
Footy NRL Tazo Gold 1-64 2007
Footy AFL Tazo Classic 1-48 2007
Footy AFL Tazo Gold 1-64 2007
Footy Legends NRL 1-72 2008
Footy Legends AFL 1-64 2008
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! Metalix set did contain a couple bonus Tazos offered with a kids magazine K-Zone and at Shell petrol stations.


Tazos are available through any marked Smith's Snackfood products which over the years have included:


In most sets a folder to store to the Tazos have been offered either available at supermarkets, news agencies or online.

Completing incomplete sets

Usually at the end of the promotion, kids and collectors were able to obtain missing Tazos by sending in a list to the company with a cheque.

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