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Barred antshrike
Thamnophilus doliatus -Goias, Brazil-8.jpg
Male in Goiás, Brazil
Duet of pair from Carara National Park, Costa Rica
Conservation status
Scientific classification

Lanius doliatus Linnaeus, 1764

The barred antshrike, Thamnophilus doliatus, is a passerine bird in the antbird family. It is found in the Neotropics from Tamaulipas, Mexico, through Central America, Trinidad and Tobago, and a large part of South America east of the Andes as far south as northern Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. There is one record from southern Texas as well. The barred antshrike has many different songs and calls for contacting, such as crow-like cawing "arrrr" or a slow "hoo-hoo".

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