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Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic

Белорусская Советская Социалистическая Республика
Беларуская Савецкая Сацыялістычная Рэспубліка
Flag of Byelorussian SSR
Coat of arms of Byelorussian SSR
Coat of arms
Anthem: Anthem of Byelorussian SSR
Location of Byelorussian SSR
Capital Smolensk, Minsk
Common languages Belarusian, Russian (...)
Secular state
Government Socialist republic
Head of party  
• 1920–1923
V. Knorinsh (first)
• 1990–1991
A. Malofeyev (last)
Head of government  
• 1920–1924
A. Chervyakov (first)
• 1990–1991
V. Kebich (last)
Head of state  
• 1920–1937
A. Chervyakov (first)
• 1990–1991
M. Dzyemyantsyey (last)
Legislature Congress of Soviets (1920–1938)
Supreme Soviet (1938–1991)
Establishment 1 January 1919
Historical era Russian Civil War, WWII, Cold War
• Republic declared
31 July 1920
• Admitted to USSR
30 December 1922
• Annexation of Western Belarus
15 November 1939
24 October 1945
• Independence
26 December 1991
• Formalised
25 December 1991
1989 census 603,700 km2 (233,100 sq mi)
• 1989 census
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Lithuanian–Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic

The Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic was one of fifteen constituent republics of the Soviet Union (USSR). In 1922, it was one of the four founding members of the Soviet Union. The other three were the Ukrainian SSR, the Transcaucasian SFSR and the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR). Byelorussia was one of several Soviet republics occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II. The BSSR, along with the Ukrainian SSR and the Soviet Union, were founding members of the United Nations Organization (UN) in 1945. The end of the Soviet Republic occurred in 1991. The nation became an independent republic.

The country renamed itself as the Republic of Belarus. In earlier time periods, Western Europeans called Byelorussian territory as White Russia. During its early years in the USSR, the republic was sometimes known as the White Russian Soviet Socialist Republic.

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