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Bidens hyperborea
Scientific classification
  • Bidens colpophila Fernald & H.St.John
  • Bidens hyperborea var. arcuans Fernald
  • Bidens hyperborea var. cathancensis Fernald
  • Bidens hyperborea var. colpophila Fernald
  • Bidens hyperborea var. gaspensis Fernald
  • Bidens hyperborea var. laurentiana Fassett
  • Bidens hyperborea var. svensonii Fassett

Bidens hyperborea (common names estuary beggarticks, northern beggar-ticks or estuary bur-marigold) is a coastal species of flowering plant in the daisy family. It grows along the coasts of Hudson Bay, the Arctic Ocean, and the North Atlantic Ocean in eastern Canada (Labrador, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) and the northeastern United States (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York).

Bidens hyperborea is an annual herb up to 70 cm (28 inches) tall. It produces yellow flower heads sometimes one at a time, sometimes 2 or 3, each containing both disc florets and (usually) ray florets. The species grows in salt marshes and along the banks of marine estuaries.

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