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Bitter Springs Group
Stratigraphic range: Cryogenian-Tonian
Type Geological group
Sub-units Gillen, Loves Creek & Johnnys Creek Formations
Primary Chert
Coordinates 23°32′34″S 134°27′26″E / 23.5427°S 134.4572°E / -23.5427; 134.4572
Region Northern Territory
Country  Australia
Extent Amadeus Basin

Bitter Springs Group is a Precambrian fossil locality in Australia, which preserves microorganisms in silica. Its preservational mode ceased in the late Precambrian with the advent of silicifying organisms.

Preserved fossils include cyanobacteria microfossils. This locality also has been claimed to contain eukaryotic green algae preservation, though this interpretation is debated.

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