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California Historical Landmarks in Imperial County, California facts for kids

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List table of the properties and districts — listed on the California Historical Landmarks — within Imperial County, Southern California.

  • Note: Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.


Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
985 Camp Pilot Knob Sidewinder Rd.
32°45′03″N 114°45′17″W / 32.75095°N 114.7548°W / 32.75095; -114.7548 (Camp Pilot Knob)
Felicity Part of the Desert Training Center, California-Arizona Maneuver Area, Established by Major General George S. Patton, Jr. (#985)
808 Camp Salvation Rockwood Plaza, 6th St E. & Heber Ave.
32°40′12″N 115°29′36″W / 32.670017°N 115.49325°W / 32.670017; -115.49325 (Camp Salvation)
939 Charley's World of Lost Art
32°43′51″N 114°43′37″W / 32.730902°N 114.726877°W / 32.730902; -114.726877 (Charley's World of Lost Art)
Andrade Part of the Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments (#939)
Fort Yuma
806 Fort Yuma 350 Picacho Rd.
32°43′54″N 114°36′56″W / 32.731714°N 114.615508°W / 32.731714; -114.615508 (Fort Yuma)
568 Hernando de Alarcón Expedition Algondes Rd.
32°44′15″N 114°43′00″W / 32.737367°N 114.716767°W / 32.737367; -114.716767 (Hernando de Alarcón Expedition)
350 Mission Puerto de Purísima Concepción Fort Yuma
194 Mountain Springs Station I-8
32°39′33″N 116°05′59″W / 32.659167°N 116.099667°W / 32.659167; -116.099667 (Mountain Springs Station)
Picacho Mines
193 Picacho Mines Picacho Rd.
32°58′19″N 114°38′07″W / 32.9719°N 114.635167°W / 32.9719; -114.635167 (Picacho Mines)
Plank Road
845 Plank Road Grays Well Road
32°42′37″N 114°55′22″W / 32.710317°N 114.922783°W / 32.710317; -114.922783 (Plank Road)
944 Fort Romualdo Pacheco West bank of New River
32°50′50″N 115°40′58″W / 32.847356°N 115.682806°W / 32.847356; -115.682806 (Fort Romualdo Pacheco)
921 Site of Mission San Pedro y San Pablo de Bicuñer County Rd. 524
32°48′59″N 114°30′54″W / 32.816389°N 114.515°W / 32.816389; -114.515 (Site of Mission San Pedro y San Pablo de Bicuñer)
1034 Tecolote Rancho Site East Country Hwy & Barbara Worth Rd.
32°48′00″N 115°25′18″W / 32.800136°N 115.421698°W / 32.800136; -115.421698 (Tecolote Rancho Site)
182 Tumco Mines Gold Rack Ranch Rd.
1008 Yuha Well Eastbound Sunbeam Roadside Rest Area, I-8
32°46′25″N 115°40′13″W / 32.773494°N 115.670153°W / 32.773494; -115.670153 (Yuha Well)
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