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List table of the properties and districts — listed on the California Historical Landmarks — within Nevada County, Northern California.

  • Note: Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.


Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
Alpha Hydraulic Diggings
628 Alpha Hydraulic Diggings Omega Rest Area
39°20′08″N 120°47′14″W / 39.335454°N 120.787162°W / 39.335454; -120.787162 (Alpha Hydraulic Diggings)
Bridgeport Covered Bridge
390 Bridgeport Covered Bridge Pleasant Valley Rd. and Yuba River
39°17′34″N 121°11′42″W / 39.292739°N 121.194906°W / 39.292739; -121.194906 (Bridgeport Covered Bridge)
French Corral
Discovery of Gold at Gold Hill
297 Discovery of Gold at Gold Hill Jenkins St. & Hocking Ave.
39°12′47″N 121°04′09″W / 39.213056°N 121.069167°W / 39.213056; -121.069167 (Discovery of Gold at Gold Hill)
Grass Valley
Donner Monument
134 Donner Monument Donner Memorial State Park
39°19′12″N 120°14′30″W / 39.32°N 120.241667°W / 39.32; -120.241667 (Donner Monument)
Empire Mine
298 Empire Mine Empire Mine State Historic Park
39°12′13″N 121°02′34″W / 39.203611°N 121.042778°W / 39.203611; -121.042778 (Empire Mine)
Grass Valley
First Manufacturing Site of the Pelton Wheel
1012 First Manufacturing Site of the Pelton Wheel 325 Spring St.
39°15′44″N 121°01′11″W / 39.262167°N 121.019733°W / 39.262167; -121.019733 (First Manufacturing Site of the Pelton Wheel)
Nevada City
First Transcontinental Railroad-Truckee
780 First Transcontinental Railroad-Truckee 70 Donner Pass Rd.
39°19′39″N 120°11′07″W / 39.327467°N 120.185383°W / 39.327467; -120.185383 (First Transcontinental Railroad-Truckee)
Holbrooke Hotel
914 Holbrooke Hotel 212 W. Main St.
39°13′08″N 121°03′48″W / 39.218883°N 121.063333°W / 39.218883; -121.063333 (Holbrooke Hotel)
Grass Valley
Home of Lola Montez
292 Home of Lola Montez 248 Mill St.
39°13′00″N 121°03′50″W / 39.21657°N 121.06401°W / 39.21657; -121.06401 (Home of Lola Montez)
Grass Valley
Home of Lotta Crabtree
293 Home of Lotta Crabtree 238 Mill St.
39°13′00″N 121°03′50″W / 39.21665°N 121.06392°W / 39.21665; -121.06392 (Home of Lotta Crabtree)
Grass Valley
Mount Saint Mary's Convent and Academy
855 Mount Saint Mary's Convent and Academy Church St. between Chapel and Dalton Sts.
39°12′53″N 121°04′03″W / 39.214722°N 121.0675°W / 39.214722; -121.0675 (Mount Saint Mary's Convent and Academy)
Grass Valley
National Exchange Hotel
899 National Exchange Hotel 211 Broad St.
39°15′45″N 121°01′01″W / 39.2625°N 121.016944°W / 39.2625; -121.016944 (National Exchange Hotel)
Nevada City
Nevada Theatre
863 Nevada Theatre 401 Broad Street
39°15′47″N 121°01′09″W / 39.263056°N 121.019167°W / 39.263056; -121.019167 (Nevada Theatre)
Nevada City
North Bloomfield Mining and Gravel Company
852 North Bloomfield Mining and Gravel Company Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park
39°22′07″N 120°54′49″W / 39.368611°N 120.913553°W / 39.368611; -120.913553 (North Bloomfield Mining and Gravel Company)
North Star Mine Powerhouse
843 North Star Mine Powerhouse Mining and Pelton Wheel Museum
39°12′31″N 121°04′11″W / 39.208611°N 121.069722°W / 39.208611; -121.069722 (North Star Mine Powerhouse)
Grass Valley
Omega Hydraulic Diggings
629 Omega Hydraulic Diggings Omega Rest Area
39°20′00″N 120°44′54″W / 39.333333°N 120.748333°W / 39.333333; -120.748333 (Omega Hydraulic Diggings)
Overland Emigrant Trail
799 Overland Emigrant Trail Wolf Creek Bridge
39°03′43″N 121°05′19″W / 39.061883°N 121.08855°W / 39.061883; -121.08855 (Overland Emigrant Trail)
Grass Valley
Rough and Ready
294 Rough and Ready State Hwy 20 and Mountain Rose Rd.
39°13′49″N 121°08′06″W / 39.230278°N 121.135°W / 39.230278; -121.135 (Rough and Ready)
Rough and Ready
South Yuba Canal Office
832 South Yuba Canal Office 134 Main St.
39°15′47″N 121°01′01″W / 39.262933°N 121.01685°W / 39.262933; -121.01685 (South Yuba Canal Office)
Nevada City
World's first long-distance telephone line
247 World's first long-distance telephone line Pleasant Valley Rd.
39°18′24″N 121°09′46″W / 39.30665°N 121.1628°W / 39.30665; -121.1628 (World's first long-distance telephone line)
French Corral
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