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Candelaria Formation
Stratigraphic range: Induan
Type Formation
Primary Shale
Other Limestone
Coordinates 38°06′N 118°06′W / 38.1°N 118.1°W / 38.1; -118.1
Approximate paleocoordinates 12°06′N 41°36′W / 12.1°N 41.6°W / 12.1; -41.6
Region Nevada
Country  United States
Type section
Named for Candelaria Hills

The Candelaria Formation is a geologic formation in Nevada, United States. The formation comprises shales and limestones deposited in an open marine environment and preserves fossils dating back to the Induan (Griesbachian to Dienerian) age of the Early Triassic epoch.

Fossil content

Among others, the following fossils of ammonoids, bivalves and ray-finned fishes have been recovered from the formation:

  • Ambites lilangensis
  • Ambites aff. radiatus
  • Ardoreosomus occidentalis
  • Candelarialepis argentus
  • Claraia aurita, C. clarai, C. stachei
  • Clypites cf. evolvens
  • Grypoceras cf. brahmanicum
  • ?Gyrolepis sp.
  • Meekoceras cf. tenuistriatum
  • Microconchus sp.
  • Mullericeras fergusoni, M. spitiense
  • Parahedenstroemia kiparisovae
  • Proptychites haydeni, P. pagei
  • Proptychites cf. ammonoides, P. cf. trilobatus
  • Pteronisculus nevadanus
  • Radioceras kraffti
  • Ussuridiscus sp.
  • Vavilovites sp.
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