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There are many natural caves in Azerbaijan. Most of these caves are karstic caves and the rest are volcanic caves (lava tubes). These caves were also the first shelters and dwellings of Stone Age hominids and humans.

The lower jawbone of a hominid named Azykhantrop found in Azykh Cave is on display at the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan.

Azykh Cave, one of the most famous caves of Azerbaijan, is known as the settlement of Stone Age hominids. It was determined that the cave was the settlement of the Acheulean and the Mousterian cultures. During the period of the Mousterian culture, Neanderthals lived in Azykh Cave.

List of caves in Azerbaijan

The list does not include all caves.

Name Name in Azerbaijani Location
Allar Cave Allar mağarası Yardymli District
Ashabi-Kahf Cave Əshabi-Kəhf Babek District
Buzeyir Cave Büzeyir mağarası Lerik District
Zar Cave Zar mağarası Kalbajar District
Kilit Cave Kilit mağarası Ordubad District
Tağlar Cave Tağlar mağarası Khojavend District
Shish Kuzey Cave Şiş Quzey Tovuz District
Shusha Cave Şuşa mağarası Shusha District

List of cave complexes in Azerbaijan

The list does not include all cave complexes (group of caves connected to each other).

Name Name in Azerbaijani Location
Azykh Cave Azıx mağarası Khojavend District
Damjili Cave Damcılı mağarası Qazakh District
Dash Salahli Cave Daş Salahlı mağarası Qazakh District
Hadikaib Cave Hadiqaib mağarası Sharur District
Ugan Cave Uğan mağarası Oghuz District
Mereze Cave Mərəzə mağarası Gobustan District


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