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Cinnamon Butte
Cinnamon Butte LeeSiebert 065040.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 6,427 ft (1,959 m) NAVD 88
Location Douglas County, Oregon, U.S.
Parent range Cascades
Topo map USGS Mount Thielsen
Age of rock Holocene?
Mountain type Cinder cone
Volcanic arc Cascade Volcanic Arc
Last eruption More than 6845 years ago

Cinnamon Butte is a group of cinder cone volcanoes and lava domes in the Cascade Range of Oregon. All of the vents are older than approximately 6,845 years as they are all covered in ash from the eruption of Mount Mazama.

Notable Vents

Name Elevation Coordinates
Cinnamon Butte 6,427 ft (1,959 m) 43°14′27″N 122°06′35″W / 43.24083°N 122.10972°W / 43.24083; -122.10972
Kelsay Point 4,918 ft (1,499 m) 43°18′01″N 122°06′27″W / 43.3004038°N 122.1075315°W / 43.3004038; -122.1075315 (Kelsay Point)
Mule Peak 6,840 ft (2,080 m) 43°17′37″N 122°00′33″W / 43.2937389°N 122.0091944°W / 43.2937389; -122.0091944 (Mule Mountain)
Red Cinder Butte 6,545 ft (1,995 m) 43°16′20″N 122°03′38″W / 43.2723494°N 122.0605848°W / 43.2723494; -122.0605848 (Red Cinder Butte)
Thirsty Point 5,942 ft (1,811 m) 43°16′28″N 122°05′35″W / 43.2745710°N 122.0930861°W / 43.2745710; -122.0930861 (Thirsty Point)
Tenas Peak 6,532 ft (1,991 m) 43°19′27″N 122°02′09″W / 43.3242935°N 122.0358624°W / 43.3242935; -122.0358624 (Tenas Peak)
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