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Location within Queensland
Lands administrative divisions around Fitzroy:
Mackenzie Mackenzie Lennox
Boondooma Fitzroy Canning
Aubigny Cavendish Cavendish

The County of Fitzroy is a county (a cadastral division) in Queensland, Australia. Like all counties in Queensland, it is a non-functional administrative unit, that is used mainly for the purpose of registering land titles.

Fitzroy includes the eastern and central parts of the South Burnett Region and part of the former Shire of Kilkivan in the Gympie Region. It was named by the Surveyor-General of New South Wales in the 1850s after Charles Augustus FitzRoy, who served as the Governor of New South Wales from 1848 to 1855. The county was officially named and bounded by the Governor in Council on 7 March 1901 under the Land Act 1897. The county is unrelated to the Fitzroy River, which is centred on the County of Livingstone.


Fitzroy is divided into parishes, as listed below:

Parish LGA Coordinates Towns
Barambah South Burnett 26°19′S 152°05′E / 26.317°S 152.083°E / -26.317; 152.083 (Barambah Parish) Moffatdale
Booie South Burnett 26°32′S 152°00′E / 26.533°S 152.000°E / -26.533; 152.000 (Booie Parish)
Boonenne South Burnett 26°35′S 151°44′E / 26.583°S 151.733°E / -26.583; 151.733 (Boonenne Parish) Kingaroy, Inverlaw
Charlestown South Burnett 26°25′S 151°56′E / 26.417°S 151.933°E / -26.417; 151.933 (Charlestown Parish)
Cherbourg South Burnett 26°19′S 151°56′E / 26.317°S 151.933°E / -26.317; 151.933 (Cherbourg Parish) Cherbourg
Cloyna South Burnett 26°08′S 151°53′E / 26.133°S 151.883°E / -26.133; 151.883 (Cloyna Parish) Cloyna
Coolabunia South Burnett 26°37′S 151°59′E / 26.617°S 151.983°E / -26.617; 151.983 (Coolabunia Parish) Coolabunia
Gallangowan Gympie 26°27′S 152°17′E / 26.450°S 152.283°E / -26.450; 152.283 (Gallangowan Parish)
Goomeribong Gympie 26°12′S 152°04′E / 26.200°S 152.067°E / -26.200; 152.067 (Goomeribong Parish) Goomeri
Haly South Burnett 26°46′S 151°37′E / 26.767°S 151.617°E / -26.767; 151.617 (Haly Parish)
Johnstown South Burnett 26°25′S 152°06′E / 26.417°S 152.100°E / -26.417; 152.100 (Johnstown Parish)
Kunioon South Burnett 26°41′S 151°52′E / 26.683°S 151.867°E / -26.683; 151.867 (Kunioon Parish) Goodger
Manumbar Gympie 26°22′S 152°18′E / 26.367°S 152.300°E / -26.367; 152.300 (Manumbar Parish) Manumbar
McEuen South Burnett 26°18′S 151°50′E / 26.300°S 151.833°E / -26.300; 151.833 (McEuen Parish) Wondai, Tingoora
Mondure South Burnett 26°12′S 151°45′E / 26.200°S 151.750°E / -26.200; 151.750 (Mondure Parish) Hivesville
Murgon South Burnett 26°13′S 151°55′E / 26.217°S 151.917°E / -26.217; 151.917 (Murgon Parish) Murgon
Nanango South Burnett 26°41′S 151°59′E / 26.683°S 151.983°E / -26.683; 151.983 (Nanango Parish) Nanango
Neumgna South Burnett 26°53′S 151°48′E / 26.883°S 151.800°E / -26.883; 151.800 (Neumgna Parish)
Taabinga South Burnett 26°41′S 151°42′E / 26.683°S 151.700°E / -26.683; 151.700 (Taabinga Parish) Kumbia
Tarong South Burnett 26°47′S 151°50′E / 26.783°S 151.833°E / -26.783; 151.833 (Tarong Parish) Brooklands
Tureen South Burnett 26°50′S 151°40′E / 26.833°S 151.667°E / -26.833; 151.667 (Tureen Parish)
Wooroolin South Burnett 26°28′S 151°46′E / 26.467°S 151.767°E / -26.467; 151.767 (Wooroolin Parish) Kingaroy, Wooroolin
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