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Dora Baltea / Doire Baltée
Baltea a rondissone.jpg
The river near Rondissone
Country  Italy
Regions Valle d'Aosta, Piedmont
City Aosta
Source Entrèves near Courmayeur
 - elevation 1,400 m (4,593 ft)
Mouth Po River
 - location Crescentino, Piedmont, Italy
 - coordinates 45°11′N 8°03′E / 45.183°N 8.050°E / 45.183; 8.050
Length 168.3 km (105 mi)
Basin 3,890.52 km² (1,502 sq mi)
Discharge for the mouth
 - average 96.0 /s (3,390 cu ft/s)

Dora Baltea or Doire Baltée (Latin: Duria maior or Duria Bautica; Valdôtain dialect: Djouire; Piemontes: Deura Bàotia), is a river in northern Italy. It is a left-hand tributary of the Po River, and is about 168.3 km (104.6 mi) long.


Dora Baltea is formed on the Mont Blanc massif by the confluence, near Entrèves, of two small rivers: Dora di Ferret, that comes from the Pré de Bar Glacier in Val Ferret; and Dora di Veny, that comes from the Miage Glacier in Val Veny.

Ivrea veduta dora
The river at Ivrea

As it crosses the Aosta Valley, the Dora Baltea flows through the city of Aosta (where the Buthier, a small river, runs into it) and near all the main cities of the lower Aosta Valley: Châtillon, Saint-Vincent, Verrès and Pont-Saint-Martin. After it enters the Piedmont region, it passes through the city of Ivrea and a good part of Canavese, gets from its right hand the waters of the Chiusella and reaches the Po at Crescentino.

The watershed has an area of 3,890.52 km2 (1,502.14 sq mi), and its discharge (volume of water which passes through a section of the river per unit of time) is 96 cubic metres per second when it gets to the Po river.


The main tributaries of the Dora Baltea are (beginning at the source):

  • In Valle d'Aosta
    • Dora di Verney
    • Dora di Valgrisenche
    • Dora di Rhêmes
    • Savara
    • Grand Eyvia
    • Buthier
    • Saint-Barthélemy
    • Marmore
    • Evançon
    • Ayasse
    • Lys
  • In the Piedmont
    • Chiusella


The mean monthly discharges (in ) for the years 1951-1991 in the confluence with the Po river were:

44.6 40.8 53.5 85.1 175.8 223.9 154.2 98.2 81.8 75.3 68.6 49.7
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dic


Dora Baltea is a popular place for the practice of sports like canoeing, kayaking and similar water sports.

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