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Funland Hayling Island
Hayling Funland seen from the beach
Funland, taken from the beach
Slogan Family fun for over 70 years
Location Hayling Island, Portsmouth, England
Owner Marshall Hill
Opened 1984; 39 years ago (1984)
Operating season January to Late October (Opening Times vary)
Late November to Late December (for the Winter Wonderland Event)
Total 18
Roller coasters 1
Water rides 2
Status Open

Funland Hayling Island is an amusement park on Hayling Island, near Portsmouth, England.

Funland Hayling Island contains 18 rides, an amusement arcade (as well as various independently operating arcades nearby), Diane’s Diner, a kids' play area and a pirate-themed golf course.

The park is a typical funfair-styled park with the rides mainly being travelling rides from various independent funfair operators, with some rides sourced from other amusement parks.


Funland amusement park opened in 1984 on the site of a former Butlins which dated back to the 1930s. In 1977 the freehold for the land was passed from Billy Butlin to the Hill family who had been tenants on the land since the 1940s. The Hills built the park and upcycled signage from a nearby closed amusement arcade known as Funland. The modern Funland has survived three generations with the Hill family and is currently operated by Marshall Hill.


The 2003 season saw the addition of some brand new rides: The first was Tornado, a frisbee ride. Other rides that were added were a Breakdance, and a themed Teacups ride called Cannibal Pots. The park's Pirate Ship was also removed that year.

In 2004, a new larger Pirate Ship ride named Galleon was added to the park, replacing the older smaller ship. The Park's Zyclone coaster was removed from the park that year.

For the 2005 season, after the Zyclone coaster was sold to Tier Prince Fun Park, the park purchased Drayton Manor's Klondike Gold Mine coaster. The Drop Tower formerly sourced at the Trocadero was finally added to the park after two years of troubled planning permissions.

In 2006, the park added a second smaller Log Flume in the park's former car parking lot called Blizzard Falls. In 2007, the Tornado Frisbee ride was replaced with a new model called Tornado 2.

In 2008, Funland purchased many rides from Drayton Manor's Robinsons Land section after its transformation into Thomas Land. Rides that were added were the Super Dragon coaster, the Whirlycopters, the Frog Hopper, Cadbury's Junior Pirate Ship and the Samba Balloons. At the end of the season, the Galleon Pirate Ship and the Junior Pirate Ship were closed and sold.

For the 2009 season, a Plane Ride was added.


No new rides were added in 2010, however Tornado 2 was sold onto independent operators after that year. A traveling orbiter ride named Speed Flip was added to the park for the 2011 season alongside 2012 to replace it.

The 2013 season saw the park purchase a Miami Extreme ride from an independent operator, while the 2014 season saw the park purchase a traveling Twister ride, named Cyclone, which was added to the park that year replacing Breakdancer, which was sold to Luna Park Sunny Beach. 2014 also saw the removal of Toy Town Express.

The 2015 season saw two-new rides added to the park; A pirate-ship-themed Galleon ride, alongside a new addition to the park's Dinosaur-themed section called Jurassic Safari, a car ride that replaced the Toy Town Express convoy ride. The Blizzard Falls log flume was renamed to Dino Falls in order to match the theme.

In 2016 a new roller coaster replacing the Klondike Gold Mine, which is called Runaway Mine Train, originally located at Gulliver's World as the Wild Mine Ride. In June, the park added a new Snake Helter-Skelter ride replacing the old one, and the Super Dragon returned after a refurbishment with a new dinosaur theme and name; Funlandosarus. After the 2016 season ended the Woody Coaster was removed from the park.

In 2017, two new rides were opened: A Tilt-A-Whirl called Neptune's Fury, which replaced the Woody Coaster, and a Mini Paratrooper ride. Both had been acquired from Pleasure Island Family Theme Park after its closure in 2016. The Mini Paratrooper was later replaced with a Carousel that was purchased from the Liseburg amusement park in Sweden, which the park has since purchased some rides from. The Drop Tower was removed from the park after the end of the 2017 season after standing there but not operating.

For 2018, a caterpillar-themed Rock 'n' Tug ride was added to the park. No new rides were added in 2019. After the 2019 season the Super Dragon was removed from the park and sold.


In 2020, Funland purchased a Flying Elephants ride and a Viking ride from Liseburg.

In 2021, the tarpaulin was removed from the middle of the park. a Ghost Train called "Destination Z" was added to the park upon opening for the 2021 season.



Name Year Operational Status Manufacturer Description
Runaway Mine Train 2016 Operating L & T Systems A roller coaster based on a spinning wild mouse ride, This coaster was formerly located at Gulliver's World.

Dark Rides

Name Year Manufacturer Description
Destination Z 2021 A Ghost Train ride. This is housed inside an arcade formerly located near the beach.

Flat Rides

Name Opened Manufacturer Description
Cyclone 2015 P.W.S A standard Twister ride. It was originally owned by various independent operators before being purchased by the park as a permanent attraction.
Dodgems Unknown Barbieri A standard bumper car ride. It is located in the main Funland building, where the arcade is.
Dragon's Breath 2020 Zierer A Viking boat ride where boats rotate similar to a carousel and go through water. It previously operated at Liseberg. Was known as Viking Boats for 2020.
Extreme 2013 Nottingham UK A standard Miami ride. The ride previously was owned by an independent operator and also operated at Bayside Fun Park.
Flying Elephants 2020 Interlink A standard elephant-themed jets ride that previously operated at Liseberg.
Neptune's Fury 2017 Larson A Tilt-A-Whirl ride with seashell-type cars that previously operated at Pleasure Island Family Theme Park.

Water Rides

Name Opened Manufacturer Description
Dino Falls 2006 L&T Systems A small Dinosaur-themed Log Flume that was built on a portion of the park's former parking lot. Previously known as Blizzard Falls (2006-2015).
Flume of Doom 1990's Big Country Motioneering A log flume with a large drop at the end. Previously known as Wild River (1990's-2015) and Beaver Creek Log Ride (2015-2020)

Children's Rides and Attractions

Name Opened Manufacturer Description
Animal Express 1970 Supercar A small novelty mini train ride that spins around in a circle. Formerly known as Trains (1970-2020)
Carousel 2017 Preston & Barbieri A modern version of a classic Carousel ride. It previously operated at Liseberg in Sweden.
Crazy Caterpillar 2018 Zamperla A small Rock and Tug ride themed as a caterpillar. It previously operated in the Romanian fairground circuit for a time.
Galleon Ride 2015 Manorplan Leisure A pirate ship-themed Jets ride. The ride previously operated at Twycross Zoo for a time.
Jurassic Safari 2015 Zamperla A car ride with a dinosaur theme.
Pirates Adventure Golf Unknown Unknown A miniature golf course with a pirates theme.
Ride on Bikes 2016 Unknown A bumper car styled ride.
Samba Balloon 2008 Zamperla A Samba Balloon ride which previously operated at Drayton Manor.
Snake Helter-Skelter 2016 Zapfun A snake-themed helter skelter that previously operated at Adventure Island. It is also known as Sid's Sizzling Snake Slide.

Removed Attractions

Name Added Removal Description
Frog Hopper 2008 2020 A mini drop tower built by Zamperla and was originally located at Drayton Manor (1998–2007). Removed and sold off after the 2020 season.
Super Dragon 2008 2019 A small Pinfari MD31 junior coaster originally located at Drayton Manor (1984–2008), being added in the park's former car-parking spot. The park operated as is for many years (although the tarpaulin's "DRAYTON MANOR" text was altered slightly to read "DRAGON MANOR"), until receiving a support repaint a few years into operation at Funland, making the supports purple while receiving an unofficial secondary name of "Junior Dragon Coaster". In 2016, the ride was refurbished with a dinosaur theme, with the track being painted green and dinosaurs placed all around the ride, being known as Funlandasarus. The ride was removed after the 2019 season and is currently up for sale.
Cannibal Pots 2003 2019 A teacups ride built by Technical Park themed after cannibal pots. The ride started under the big tent area of the park before being moved outside following the removal of the Pirate Ship. The ride previously operated at another park, and was removed from Funland in 2020, being relocated to Fantasy Island for the 2020 season and renamed "Firebowl".
Flying Saucer 2016 2018 A small spinning ride built by Modern Products. The ride previously operated at Paulton's Park for two decades before moving to Funland. It was known as UFO Ride for the 2016 Season. The whereabouts of this ride are currently unknown after its removal.
Bat Race 2017 2017 A small Paratrooper (ride) built by Modern Products and previously operated at Flamingo Land. It was removed after being placed on the park because the owners thought the ride was too small, and so it was replaced with a Carousel. The ride was later purchased by Animal Farm Adventure Park for the 2018 season.
Woody Roller Coaster 2001 2016 A small junior coaster themed as the Wild West and was built by Top Fun. It was removed at the end of the 2016 season.
The Sam FM Drop 2005 2016 A 100 ft drop tower formerly located at the London Trocadero that was built by Intamin. The Funland version only had one car rather than two and had to be stood next to a large steel tower as the original ride was sat on a wall inside the Trocadero. After 2016, it stood SBNO until it was dismantled at the start of the 2018 season and relocated to Luna Park Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.
Helter Skelter unknown 2016 A tall helter-skelter ride. It was replaced with another model, with this one being sold to an independent operator.
Klondike Gold Mine 2005 2015 A Pinfari ZL42 Roller Coaster originally located in Drayton Manor. It was removed in 2015 after being sold to an irish company and renamed to Speed Loop, after being stripped of it's theming. It operated at an irish park for the 2017 season before being sold to a US operator in 2019.
Red Baron Plane Ride 2009 2015 A spinning plane ride. Replaced with UFO Ride in 2015.
Toy Town Express Unknown 2014 A ride where a train of cars goes along a small circuit with a bridge. It was replaced by Jurassic Safari in 2015.
Breakdancer 2003 2013 A standard Breakdance ride that first operated inside a small funfair inside the London Trocadero. It was relocated in 2014 to Luna Park Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.
Speed Flip 2011 2012 A Orbitor ride built by Mozer Rides. After its removal, the ride was relocated to Romania.
Whirlycopter 2008 2012 A Helicopter themed wheel ride built by Modern Products that previously operated at Drayton Manor.
Tornado 2 2007 2010 An upgraded version of the Tornado Frisbee ride. After the 2010 season, it was sold on to independent operators.
Cadbury's Junior Pirate Ship 2008 2008 A Junior Pirate Ship that previously operated at Drayton Manor.
Galleon 2004 2008 A large pirate ship built by Zamperla that was originally located at Adventure Island Southend and Fort Regent. The ride was sold to the Ocean Beach Pleasure Park in 2009, where it remains to this day.
Tornado 2003 2006 A KMG Frisbee Afterburner Ride. It was replaced with Tornado 2 for the 2007 season, and this ride was sold to Norwegian-based company Hugo's Tivoli, as a traveling ride.
Zyclone 1988 2004 A Roller Coaster that is very similar to Skyways at Clarence Pier nearby. It was relocated to the Tir Prince Fun Park in 2005 and is currently located at Fun Park Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.
Viking 2000 2003 Pirate Ship built by Zierer. The ride previously operated at many British funfair-based parks, including Funcoast World, Coney Beach, Pleasureland Southport and Ludewigt in Germany. Funland was the last park where the ride operated before it was scrapped following the 2003 season, and was replaced with a larger model.
Skydiver 1995 2002 Paratrooper ride built by Harry Steer Engineering. The ride previously operated at Brean Leisure Park before being relocated to Funland. It was sold on to dutch operators in 2003.
Twist 1984 2002 Scrambler ride built by Eli Bridge Company. It previously operated as another amusement park alongside origination in the United States. It was sold on to independent operators in 2003, and since 2013 has sat on the funfair at the Billing Aquadrome holiday park.
Sky Lab 1998 2000 Enterprise ride built by J. Bakker Denies which previously operated at Adventure Island. It was later sold to an independent operator before being scrapped following a period in storage.
Big Wheel 1986 1999 The park's third and last Big Wheel ride, built by Sartori. It previously operated at Peter Pan's Playground before relocating here. It was scrapped after being removed from Funland.
Ski Jump 1997 1997 Flying Coaster built by Cadoxton Engineering. It was relocated from Coney Beach and sat at Funland for the 1997 season. It was later sold onto independent operators before being scrapped in 2008.
Waltzer 1973 1996 The park's second Waltzer ride, which was built by George Maxwell & Sons. It was relocated to another theme park in 1997 before being sold on to Irish operators, where the ride has since sat on many Irish amusement parks.
Space Shuttle NASA 1983 1992 Standard Jets ride.
Ghost Train 1965 1990 A traditional ghost train (Dark Ride).
Wild Mouse 1980 1988 This steel hybrid wild mouse coaster was originally operated at Clarence Pier in Portsmouth. At the end of the 1988 season, It was removed from the park, It was sold to David Pickstone to use the spare tracks for his Wild Mouse at Brean Leisure Park.
Gallopers 1952 1986 Standard Gallopers ride which replaced another set and was built by Allchin & Linnell. It was removed from the park in 1986 and exported to the USA.
Big Wheel 1983 1985 The park's second Ferris Wheel, built by Eli-Bridge.
Helter-Skelter 1986 1985 The park's first slide, which was built by Supercar Leisure. The ride was relocated to Adventure Island in 1986, where it has since operated to this day.
UFO 1984 1984 A Typhoon ride built by Robles Bouso that sat on the park grounds for the 1984 season. The ride was scrapped in the 1990s.
Waltzer 1968 1972 Standard Waltzer ride built by George Maxwell & Sons. It was previously a traveling ride owned by a family, and after leaving Funland found new homes in two other amusement parks before being destroyed in a fire in 1986. Another Waltzer took its place at the park.
Peter Pan Railway 1953 unknown Tracked train ride built by Lang Wheels. It is unknown when it closed or what happened afterwards.
Gallopers 1946 1951 Standard Gallopers ride which was replaced with another set.
Big Wheel 1946 1970's The park's very first Big Wheel ride, built by Lusse. It was replaced with another set a few years later.
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