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Grace may refer to:

  • The Graces, or the Charites, in Greek mythology


  • Divine grace
  • Grace in Christianity
    • Irresistible grace
    • Prevenient grace
    • Sola gratia (Latin for "grace alone"), a Protestant axiom rooted in the theology of Augustine of Hippo
  • Grace (prayer), a prayer of thanksgiving said before and/or after a meal
  • Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (aka GRACE)


  • Grace (given name), a feminine name
  • Grace (surname)
  • Grace (Marathi Poet), a Marathi poet with pen name Grace



  • Grace (lunar crater) on the Moon
  • Grace (crater on Venus) on Venus

Science and technology

  • Grace, the American codename for the Aichi B7A, a World War II Japanese bomber aircraft
  • GRACE, Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment mission
  • Grace (plotting tool), software
  • Hyundai Grace, a minivan built by Hyundai Motor Company


  • MV Grace, a Panamanian coaster
  • Grace (1811 ship), a ship destroyed by fire in Struys Bay, South Africa in 1822.
  • MS Viking Grace

Other uses

  • Grace Gates, gates at Lord's Cricket Ground in England
  • Grace (photograph), the Minnesota state photograph
  • Grace (style), a form of address
  • Grass Roots Art and Community Effort (GRACE), American non-profit organisation

See also

  • Crace (disambiguation)
  • The Grace (disambiguation)
  • Grace Under Pressure (disambiguation)
  • Gracefulness
  • Gracie (disambiguation)
  • Le Bénédicité ("Grace") a painting by Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin
  • Saving Grace (disambiguation)

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