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ہندوستانی   •   हिन्दुस्तानी
Hindustani in Devanagari, Nastaliq and Kaithi.png
The word Hindustani in Devanagari, Nastaliq and Kaithi scripts
Native to Pakistan, India. Various based on religion.
Native speakers 240 million  (date missing)
Second language: 165 million (1999)
Total: 490 million (2006)
Language family
Standard forms
Khariboli (Dehlavi)
Writing system Perso-Arabic (Urdu alphabet)
Devanagari (Hindi and Urdu alphabets)
Bharati Braille (Hindi and Urdu)
Kaithi (historical)
Official status
Official language in  Pakistan (as Urdu)
 India (as Hindi and Urdu)
Regulated by Central Hindi Directorate (Hindi, India),
National Language Authority, (Urdu, Pakistan);
National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (Urdu, India)
Linguasphere 59-AAF-qa to -qf

Hindustani is a language. It is made up of the common parts of Hindi and Urdu. Hindi and Urdu have similar grammar, but somewhat different vocabulary and different scripts. it was identified with Urdu, in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, and then it makes another form of Hindustani, named Hindi for Hindus.

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