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Native name
Other name(s) Jirqo'adai
Died Approximately 1224
Allegiance Mongol Empire
Battles/wars Battle of the Kalka River
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 哲别
Mongolian name
Mongolian Зэв

Jebe (or Jebei, Mongolian: Зэв, Zev; birth name: Jirqo'adai (Modern Mongolian: Zurgadai), Mongolian: Зургаадай, Chinese: 哲别) (death: approximately 1224) was one of the most prominent Noyans (generals) of Genghis Khan. He belonged to the Besud clan, part of the Taichud tribe, which was under Targudai Khiriltug's leadership at the time of Genghis Khan. Even though Jebe was originally an enemy soldier, Genghis Khan recruited him and turned him into one of his greatest generals. Jebe played an important role in helping to expand the territory of Genghis Khan's empire. Despite playing a large role as a general for Genghis Khan, there are relatively few sources or biographies about his life. Jebe has been described as "the greatest cavalry general in history" for his unorthodox and daring maneuvers.

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