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The fall of Jerusalem and the Roman conquest of Judea (1885) (14596070977)
The fall of Jerusalem and the Roman conquest of Judea

Judea or Judaea is a term used for the mountainous southern part of the historic Land of Israel, and the modern-day name of the mountainous southern part of the region of Palestine. An area now divided between Israel and the West Bank, and Jordan.

In modern times, the name "Yehudah" may be used by Hebrew speakers to refer to a large southern section of Israel and the West Bank, or in the combined term Judea and Samaria to refer specifically to the West Bank.

The area was the site of the ancient Kingdom of Judah and the later Kingdom of Judea, a kingdom of the Roman Empire. The name Judea is a Greek and Roman adaptation of the name Judah and was originally applied to the whole of historic Palestine, but by the time of the New Testament it had been limited in scope to the south of the region.

Major cities in this area are Hebron, Bethlehem, Efrat and Beitar Illit. Judea is central to much of the narrative of the Torah, with the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob said to have been buried at Hebron in the Tomb of the Patriarchs.


  • Until 63 BC - independent state
  • 63 BC-6 AD - client kingdom of Rome
  • 6-41 - Roman province
  • 26-36 - procurator Pontius Pilatus
  • 41-44 - ruling of Herod Agrippa (client king)
  • 44-48 - Roman province
  • 48-100 - ruling of Herod Agrippa II (client king)
  • 66-70 - First rebellion
  • 100 onwards - Roman province
  • 115-117 - second rebellion
  • 132-135 - third rebellion: Simon Bar Kokhba
  • 135 - Judea renamed Syria Palaestina by emperor Hadrian

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