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Rembrandt - Jacob Wrestling with the Angel - Google Art Project.jpg
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, by Rembrandt
Born Canaan
Died New Kingdom of Egypt
Children 12 sons (Twelve Tribes of Israel)
Dinah (only daughter)
Parents Isaac and Rebecca
Relatives Abraham (grandfather)
Sarah (grandmother)
Ishmael (uncle)
Esau (twin brother)
Rachel (cousin, wife)
Leah (cousin, wife)

Jacob is a figure in the Abrahamic religions. He was a patriarch of the Hebrew people, as told in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud, the New Testament and the Qur'an. He was the ancestor of the tribes of Israel, which were named after his children.

Jacob had an older brother, Esau. His mother was named Rebecca and his father named Isaac. Jacob had twelve sons and at least one daughter.

Near Luz en route to Haran, Jacob experienced a vision of a ladder, or staircase, reaching into heaven with angels going up and down it, commonly referred to as "Jacob's ladder". He heard the voice of God, who repeated many of the blessings upon him, coming from the top of the ladder.

As a result of a severe drought in Canaan, Jacob and his sons moved to Egypt at the time when his son Joseph was viceroy. After 17 years in Egypt, Jacob died, and the length of Jacob's life was 147 years. Joseph carried Jacob's remains to the land of Canaan, and gave him a stately burial in the same Cave of Machpelah.

Jacob is mentioned in a number of sacred scriptures, including the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud, the New Testament, the Quran, hadith, and the Book of Mormon. The biblical account of the life of Jacob is found in the Book of Genesis, chapters 25–50.

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