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Location near San Jose, California

The Lick Observatory is an astronomical observatory. It is owned and operated by the University of California. It is on Mount Hamilton, in the Diablo Range just east of San Jose, California, USA. The observatory is managed by the University of California Observatories. Its headquarters is on the campus of University of California, Santa Cruz.

Significant discoveries

The following astronomical objects were discovered at Lick Observatory:

  • Several moons of Jupiter
  • Near-Earth asteroid (29075) 1950 DA
  • Several extrasolar planets
    • Quintuple planet system
      • 55 Cancri
    • Triple planet system
      • Upsilon Andromedae (with Whipple Observatory)
    • Double planet systems
  • Vasilevskis, S. and Osterbrock, D. E. (1989) "Charles Donald Shane" Biographical Memoirs, Volume 58 pp. 489–512, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC,

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