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List of National Natural Landmarks in Arizona facts for kids

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From the list of National Natural Landmarks, these are the National Natural Landmarks in Arizona. There are 10 in total.

Name Image Date Location County Ownership Description
1 Barfoot Park June 2011 Cochise County federal (Coronado National Forest) One of the best U.S. examples of Madrean-influenced ponderosa pine forests.
2 Barringer Meteor Crater Barringer Crater aerial photo by USGS.jpg November 1967 Winslow 35°01′38″N 111°01′21″W / 35.027222°N 111.0225°W / 35.027222; -111.0225 (Barringer Meteor Crater) Navajo private The Impact crater which lead Daniel Barringer to suggest in 1906 that it was caused by a meteor. He was eventually proven correct by Gene Shoemaker, making this the world's first identified meteor crater.
3 Canelo Hills Cienega Reserve Canelo Hills & Bullfrog Pond.jpg December 1974 Sonoita 31°33′44″N 110°31′33″W / 31.562246°N 110.525851°W / 31.562246; -110.525851 (Canelo Hills) Santa Cruz private (The Nature Conservancy) This 260 acres (110 ha) preserve is a mix of the rare cienega wetland with Black Oak and Arizona Fescue fields.[1] It is notable for the extremely rare Canelo Ladies Tresses Orchid and the Gila chub.
4 Comb Ridge Comb Ridge 1976 Navajo communal lands (Navajo Nation) The only known location for tritylodont fossils in North America.
5 Grapevine Mesa 1967 Mohave federal (Bureau of Land Management) The best existing display of Joshua trees in the United States.
6 Kaibab Squirrel Area 1965 Coconino federal (Kaibab National Forest) Illustrative of the habitat for the Kaibab squirrel.
7 Onyx Cave 1974 Santa Cruz federal (Coronado National Forest) Considered to be the finest cave in Arizona.
8 Patagonia-Sonoita Creek 1970 Santa Cruz private (The Nature Conservancy) An example of a cottonwood-willow riparian forest and one of the last permanent stream-bottom habitat areas in southern Arizona.
9 Ramsey Canyon 1965 Cochise County private (The Nature Conservancy) A stream-cut, vertical-sided gorge.
10 Willcox Playa 1966 Cochise County federal (Bureau of Land Management) The largest “dry lake” in Arizona,
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