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List of National Natural Landmarks in Maine facts for kids

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These are 15 National Natural Landmarks in Maine.

Name Image Date Location County Ownership Description
1 Appleton Bog Atlantic White Cedar Stand 1984 Knox private A large peatland with continuous forest cover and well-developed hummock-and- hollow topography.
2 Mount Bigelow (Maine) 1975 Franklin, Somerset state Exceptionally scenic and wild, with some of the best summit views in the eastern United States.
3 Carrying Place Cove Bog 1980 Washington state A tombolo that has been eroded by the sea.
4 Colby-Marston Preserve 1973 Kennebec private Northern sphagnum bog located in a deep kettle hole, the sphagnum mat exceeds a depth of 40 feet (12 m).
5 Crystal Bog 1973 Aroostook private An undisturbed, sphagnum bog considered one of the largest and finest in Maine.
6 Gulf Hagas 1968 Piscataquis federal (Appalachian Trail) Waterfalls, cliffs, and growth of spruce-fir forest on the gorge walls give the site unusual scenic beauty.
7 Monhegan Island Monhegan Harbor 1966 Lincoln private Dense, almost pure stands of red spruce and over 400 species of wildflower.
8 Mount Katahdin Mount Katahdin 1967 Piscataquis state (Baxter State Park) Kames, eskers, drumlins, kettleholes, moraines, and erratics provide a complete illustration of glacial geology.
9 New Gloucester Black Gum Stand 1975 Cumberland private A small, remnant, forested swamp dominated mostly by virgin black gum.
10 No. 5 Bog and Jack Pine Stand 1984 Somerset state, private The only large, intermontane peatland and one of the few expansive, virgin landscapes in the northeastern United States.
11 Orono Bog 1973 Penobscot municipal, private A classic northern sphagnum bog.
12 Passadumkeag Marsh and Bogland 1973 Penobscot private One of the largest, unspoiled wetlands in the state of Maine.
13 Penny Pond-Joe Pond Complex 1973 Kennebec private Kettle hole bogs and ponds.
14 The Hermitage 1977 Piscataquis federal (Appalachian Trail) One of the few undisturbed, old-growth white pine stands remaining in New England.
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