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There are fourteen official UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sweden. There are twelve cultural sites, one natural site and one mixed site.

Inscribed sites

Name: name as listed by the World Heritage Committee
Coordinates: geographic coordinates of the site's location
County: County of Sweden where the site is at
Year: year the site was added to the World Heritage List
UNESCO ref: the site's reference number
UNESCO criteria: the criteria it was listed under (criteria i through vi are cultural, while vii through x are natural)
Description: brief description of the site
Name Image Coordinates County Year UNESCO
Description Ref
Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland Olandeketorp.jpg 56°19′30″N 16°29′00″E / 56.32500°N 16.48333°E / 56.32500; 16.48333 Kalmar 2000 968 iv, v
Birka and Hovgården Birka Svarta jorden 1991.jpg 59°20′6.5″N 17°32′33.5″E / 59.335139°N 17.542639°E / 59.335139; 17.542639 Stockholm 1993 555 iii, iv
Church Village of Gammelstad, Luleå Gammelstad-town-12.JPG 65°38′46″N 22°1′43″E / 65.64611°N 22.02861°E / 65.64611; 22.02861 Norrbotten 1996 762 ii, iv, v
Engelsberg Ironworks Engelsberg-Huettenwerk-01.jpg 59°58′00″N 16°00′30″E / 59.96667°N 16.00833°E / 59.96667; 16.00833 Västmanland 1993 556 iv
Hanseatic Town of Visby Visby 4-.JPG 57°38′30″N 18°17′45″E / 57.64167°N 18.29583°E / 57.64167; 18.29583 Gotland 1995 731 iv, v
High Coast / Kvarken Archipelago Höga Kusten, Gulf Rödviken near Ullånger, Sweden.jpg 63°18′00″N 21°18′00″E / 63.30000°N 21.30000°E / 63.30000; 21.30000 Västernorrland 2000 (extended 2006) 898 viii
Shared with Finland
Laponian Area Sarek Skierffe Rapadelta.jpg 67°20′00″N 17°35′00″E / 67.33333°N 17.58333°E / 67.33333; 17.58333 Norrbotten 1996 774 iii, v, vii, viii, ix
Mining Area of the Great Copper Mountain in Falun Falu koppargruva.jpg 60°36′17″N 15°37′51″E / 60.60472°N 15.63083°E / 60.60472; 15.63083 Dalarna 2001 1027 ii, iii, v
Naval Port of Karlskrona Fredrikskyrkan Karlskrona.jpg 56°10′00″N 15°35′00″E / 56.16667°N 15.58333°E / 56.16667; 15.58333 Blekinge 1998 871 ii, iv
Rock Carvings in Tanum Tanumshede 2005 rock carvings 5.jpg 58°42′04″N 11°20′28″E / 58.70111°N 11.34111°E / 58.70111; 11.34111 Västra Götaland 1994 557 i, iii, iv
Royal Domain of Drottningholm Drottningholmpalace.jpg 59°19′23″N 17°53′00″E / 59.32306°N 17.88333°E / 59.32306; 17.88333 Stockholm 1991 559 iv
Skogskyrkogården Skogskyrk Grav 2006.jpg 59°16′32″N 18°05′58″E / 59.27556°N 18.09944°E / 59.27556; 18.09944 Stockholm 1994 558 ii, iv
Struve Geodetic Arc Hammerfest Meridianstein.jpg Norbotten 2005 1187 ii, iii, vi
Shared with Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Russia and Ukraine
Varberg Radio Station Grimeton VLF transmitter 2004.jpg 57°06′00″N 12°23′00″E / 57.10000°N 12.38333°E / 57.10000; 12.38333 Halland 2004 1134 ii, iv
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