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National Register of Historic Places listings in Scott County, Minnesota facts for kids

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Map of Minnesota highlighting Scott County
Location of Scott County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Scott County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Scott County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 18 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. A supplementary list includes four additional sites that were formerly on the National Register.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Abraham Bisson House
Abraham Bisson House
April 17, 1980
20150 County Road 57
44°39′28″N 93°42′30″W / 44.657666°N 93.70821°W / 44.657666; -93.70821 (Abraham Bisson House)
Jordan vicinity 1884 house notable for its local sandstone masonry and association with the now-vanished town of St. Lawrence.
2 Church of St. Wenceslaus
Church of St. Wenceslaus
February 19, 1982
East Main Street
44°32′39″N 93°34′27″W / 44.544144°N 93.574223°W / 44.544144; -93.574223 (Church of St. Wenceslaus)
New Prague Religious and educational hub of a large Catholic Czech immigrant community, featuring a 1907 church, 1908 rectory, and 1914 parochial school.
3 Julius A. Coller House
Julius A. Coller House
April 17, 1980
434 South Lewis Street
44°47′41″N 93°31′29″W / 44.794839°N 93.524704°W / 44.794839; -93.524704 (Julius A. Coller House)
Shakopee 1887 house of a significant community leader who served 16 years as a state senator. Also recognized as one of the best-preserved Scott County residences of its era.
4 Early Shakopee Houses
Early Shakopee Houses
April 17, 1980
411 and 419 East 2nd Avenue
44°47′54″N 93°31′18″W / 44.798369°N 93.521706°W / 44.798369; -93.521706 (Early Shakopee Houses)
Shakopee Two adjacent houses built c. 1865, well-preserved examples of Shakopee's early residences.
5 Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
April 17, 1980
Walnut and Church Streets
44°37′28″N 93°45′48″W / 44.624532°N 93.763426°W / 44.624532; -93.763426 (Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration)
Belle Plaine Unusual 1869 Stick style church.
6 Foss and Wells House
Foss and Wells House
April 17, 1980
613 South Broadway Street
44°39′23″N 93°37′36″W / 44.656492°N 93.626723°W / 44.656492; -93.626723 (Foss and Wells House)
Jordan Shared 1858 house of two families who co-owned one of Jordan's key gristmills. Also noted for its sandstone masonry and Italianate architecture.
7 Holmes Street Bridge
Holmes Street Bridge
July 6, 2010
Holmes Street over the Minnesota River
44°48′01″N 93°31′38″W / 44.800278°N 93.527222°W / 44.800278; -93.527222 (Holmes Street Bridge)
Shakopee Rare Minnesota example of a deck truss bridge, built in 1927 by the Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Company.
8 Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom House
Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom House
April 17, 1980
Court and Cedar Streets
44°37′36″N 93°45′56″W / 44.626575°N 93.765534°W / 44.626575; -93.765534 (Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom House)
Belle Plaine c. 1871 house significant as Scott County's best preserved 19th-century frame house and for its successive ownership by two prominent local businessmen. Now a house museum.
9 Inyan Ceyaka Otonwe
Inyan Ceyaka Otonwe
February 12, 1999
Carver Rapids unit of Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area
Louisville Township Precolumbian mounds and site of a post-contact Wahpeton Dakota village led by notable chief Mazomani.
10 Jordan Brewery Ruins
Jordan Brewery Ruins
April 17, 1980
415 South Broadway Street
44°39′48″N 93°37′32″W / 44.663434°N 93.625681°W / 44.663434; -93.625681 (Jordan Brewery Ruins)
Jordan Prominent remains of a brewery complex active 1861–1948, one of the leading businesses that made Jordan into an early industrial center.
11 Jordan Historic District
Jordan Historic District
April 17, 1980
Water Street and South Broadway Street
44°39′55″N 93°37′34″W / 44.665276°N 93.626062°W / 44.665276; -93.626062 (Jordan Historic District)
Jordan Scott County's best-preserved 19th-century business district, with 14 contributing properties mostly dating to Jordan's peak as a commercial center 1865–1880.
12 Wencl Kajer Farmstead
Wencl Kajer Farmstead
April 17, 1980
County Highway 2
44°34′30″N 93°23′33″W / 44.574955°N 93.392455°W / 44.574955; -93.392455 (Wencl Kajer Farmstead)
New Market Township Hilltop dairy farm established in 1907, a highly visible representative of local agricultural development, with a distinctive 1918 round barn and a 1920 brick farmhouse.
13 Maka Yusota
Maka Yusota
January 16, 2003
Address Restricted
44°46′14″N 93°23′52″W / 44.770556°N 93.397778°W / 44.770556; -93.397778 (Maka Yusota)
Savage vicinity A sacred spring important in Dakota history and culture.
14 Mudbaden Sulphur Springs Company
Mudbaden Sulphur Springs Company
April 17, 1980
17706 Valley View Drive
44°41′35″N 93°37′01″W / 44.693015°N 93.616825°W / 44.693015; -93.616825 (Mudbaden Sulphur Springs Company)
Jordan vicinity 1915 spa building of a popular health resort in operation 1890s–1947, serving patients and vacationers attracted to its sulfur-rich mud baths.
15 New Market Hotel and Store
New Market Hotel and Store
April 17, 1980
Main Street
44°34′24″N 93°21′07″W / 44.573228°N 93.351922°W / 44.573228; -93.351922 (New Market Hotel and Store)
New Market Well-preserved example, built 1897, of Scott County towns' late-19th-century commercial buildings, and the only surviving example in New Market.
16 Saint Mary's Church of the Purification
Saint Mary's Church of the Purification
April 17, 1980
15850 Marystown Road
44°43′13″N 93°32′31″W / 44.720353°N 93.541822°W / 44.720353; -93.541822 (Saint Mary's Church of the Purification)
Marystown 1882 Romanesque Revival church and associated buildings constructed 1893–1921, representative of the Catholic church properties around which many German American settlements grew in rural Scott County.
17 Shakopee Historic District
Shakopee Historic District
April 11, 1972
Minnesota Highway 101
44°48′11″N 93°29′48″W / 44.803161°N 93.496667°W / 44.803161; -93.496667 (Shakopee Historic District)
Shakopee District featuring Precolumbian burial mounds, a contact-era Dakota village site, and a pioneer-era gristmill, inn, and ferry landing.
18 Strunk-Nyssen House
Strunk-Nyssen House
April 17, 1980
Strunks Road
44°47′20″N 93°33′26″W / 44.788785°N 93.55736°W / 44.788785; -93.55736 (Strunk-Nyssen House)
Shakopee vicinity c. 1856 house enlarged c. 1880, significant as the successive home of notable local brewers Herman H. Strunk and Hubert Nyssen and as an example of 19th-century vernacular architecture.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Bridge No. L3040
November 6, 1989
September 20, 2007
County Road 51, North of Minnesota State Highway 19
Belle Plaine Unusually early stone arch road bridge, built 1878. Demolished in 2006.
2 Merchants Hotel
April 17, 1980
September 25, 1987
211 E. 2nd St.
Shakopee 1865 hotel. Fell into disrepair and demolished in 1987.
3 Reis Block
April 17, 1980
May 15, 1987
1st and Holmes Sts.
Shakopee 1883 Queen Anne commercial building with second-floor auditorium. Demolished by owner in 1986.
4 Roehl-Lenzmeier House
April 17, 1980
June 11, 2003
10th Ave. W.
Shakopee vicinity c. 1860 stone farmhouse of a notable homesteader. Demolished in 2002.
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