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Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor by William Halsall (1882)

Peregrine White (1620 – 1704) was a child of William and Susanne White and the brother of Resolved White. Peregrine was born in 1620 aboard the ship Mayflower. He died in what is now known as Marshfield, Massachusetts on July 20, 1704 at the age of 83 years and 8 months. White was the first baby born on the Mayflower as it was docked ouside Plymouth Colony.

White's parents came to America to be able to practice their religious beliefs. The name Peregrine name means: "one who journeys to foreign lands", "traveler", or "pilgrim." White's father, William White, died in 1621 and his mother Susanna, married Edward Winslow, another Mayflower passenger. The family grew and White had five step-brothers and sisters. One of his step-brothers became Plymouth Colony Governor Josiah Winslow.

In Plymouth Colony

The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe

In 1636, the family, now numbering 6 - Edward and Susanna White Winslow, Resolved and Peregrine White, and the two children born to Edward and Susanna, Josias and Elizabeth Winslow - moved to the new settlement of Marshfield.

White served in the militia at age 16. White became a lieutenant and then a captain. He was also a farmer. At some point he became a representative to the General Court. In 1637 and 1642 it is written Miles Standish shall lead those forces and among the names of who will serve is Mr. Prince and Peregrine White

In 1651, Lt. Peregrine White was elected surveyor of highways for Marshfield. In 1652 William Bassett Sr. of Duxburrow gave his son-in-law Lt. Peregrine White forty acres of land. On the same day, June 3, 1652, Peregrine White became a freeman which meant he had the right to vote.

On October 2, 1658 White was chosen to the council of war. In 1659 Peregrine went to Kennebec Trading Post. Peregrine White (was) one of the deputies able to supervise the trading at Kennebecke. There was some troubles with the Indians

On June 16, 1662 William Bassett Sr. gave his lands to his two sons, Peregrine White and Nathaniel Bassett.

On 3 June 1662 Peregrine was chosen deputy for Marshfield. On October 3, 1665 Lt. Peregrine White was granted 200 acres because he was the first Englishman born in these parts. and on March 4, 1673/4 Lt. Peregrine White was granted another 100 acres.

On May 22, 1696 Captain Peregrine White was admitted into the Marshfield Church. He was 78. White traveled to England with Winslow, but returned to Massachusetts before his death.

Peregrine married Sarah Bassett. They had seven children together. The names of their children are: Daniel, an unnamed child who died young, Jonathan, Peregrine, Sarah, Sylvanus and Mercy.

Sarah, the mother, died in 1711.

Peregrine White died in 1704, dying at what is now known as Marshfield, Massachusetts.

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