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Richard the Lionheart
"Richard the Lionheart" (TV series).jpg
Genre Adventure
Written by Stanley Miller
Paul Tabori
David Nicholl
Mark Grantham
Directed by Ernest Morris
Starring Dermot Walsh
Robin Hunter
Alan Haywood
Iain Gregory
Sheila Whittingham
Trader Faulkner
Opening theme "Richard the Lionheart"
Ending theme "Richard the Lionheart"
Composer(s) Bill Le Sage
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 39 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Edward J. Danziger
Harry Lee Danziger
Producer(s) Brian Taylor (associate producer)
Cinematography Walter J. Harvey
Editor(s) Peter Pitt
John S. Smith
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Danziger Productions Ltd.
Distributor Independent Television (ITV) (1962-1963) (UK) (TV)
Original network Independent Television (ITV) (UK)
Picture format 16 mm film 1.33 : 1 Black and white
Audio format Mono
Original release 20 November 1961 (1961-11-20) – 14 October 1965 (1965-10-14)

Richard the Lionheart was a British ITV television series which ran during 1962 and 1963, and was aimed at a younger audience.

It began with the death of King Henry II, and put forward the traditional view of King Richard the Lionheart as a hero, and his brother Prince John (played by Trader Faulkner) as the villain.

Richard was played by Irish actor Dermot Walsh who said, "he was not always all one would like to see as a man. We have concentrated on his good side." Richard was perhaps a product of his time. A man brimful of contradictions. A brilliant general, but a poor ruler. A sensitive poet and singer.

The producers claimed that the series was based on fact as far as possible; though as little was known of Richard's personal life, "we have taken some liberties here and there," so said associate producer Brian Taylor in a TV Times article indicating the start of the series.

Other regular characters in the series included Sir Gilbert (Robin Hunter), Sir Geoffrey (Alan Haywood), Blondel (Iain Gregory), Leopold of Austria (Francis de Wolff) and Queen Berengaria (Sheila Whittingham).

According to BFI Screenonline "despite the treadmill efforts of the production... this routine swashbuckler, presenting an atmosphere of knightly conduct versus villainous skulduggery, was saved from total tedium by the presence of recurring players Trader Faulkner, a sneering Prince John, and Francis de Wolfe as the delightfully monstrous Leopold of Austria."

A single DVD was released by Stratx Digital Media on 6 June 2016. The DVD contains five episodes; Long Live The King, School For a King, Crown In Danger, The Pirate King and The Challenge. The picture quality for the most part is watchable, however the sound at times is flawed.


  • Dermot Walsh as Richard The Lionheart
  • Robin Hunter as Sir Gilbert
  • Alan Haywood as Sir Geoffrey
  • Iain Gregory as Blondel
  • Trader Faulkner as Prince John/King Philip of France/Ubaldo
  • Sheila Whittingham as Queen Berengaria
  • Francis de Wolff as Leopold Of Austria
  • Max Faulkner as De Fleury
  • Michael Peake as Conrad of Montferrat
  • Ian Fleming as Lord Chancellor
  • Brian McDermott as Banister
  • Glyn Owen as Hugo
  • John Longden as Sir Thomas
  • Elwyn Brook-Jones as Count Rolf
  • David Davenport as 1st Courtier
  • Conrad Phillips as Guy of Lusignan
  • Anton Rodgers as Sir Kenneth
  • Marne Maitland as Saladin
  • Anne Lawson [fr] as Marta
  • Garard Green as Captain
  • Peter Reynolds as Sergeant Michael
  • Colin Tapley as Chamberlain
  • Julie Alexander as Lady Rosalie
  • Tom Bowman as Baron Fitz-Rheinfrid
  • Jennifer Daniel as Lady Edith
  • Howard Greene as Abdul
  • Prudence Hyman as Queen Eleanor
  • Steve Plytas as Ulric
  • Susan Shaw as Princess Alice
  • Robert Rietti as Father Ignatius
  • Jeremy Bisley as Second Prince
  • Brian Cobby as Captain
  • Lisa Daniely as Catherine
  • Hugo De Vernier as Duke of Aumerle
  • Peter Duguid as Old Arab
  • Humphrey Lestocq as La Motte
  • John Scott Martin as King William
  • Alan Rolfe as William
  • John Serret as Duke of Berri
  • Richard Shaw as Abbas
  • Derrick Sherwin as Alan
  • John Bay as 2nd English soldier
  • John Bennett as Kermal
  • Martin Benson as Forked Beard
  • Christopher Carlos as Theodore
  • Eric Dodson as Nur
  • Tony Doonan as Sir Miles
  • John Gabriel as De Glanville
  • Tom Gill as Fitzcormac
  • Olaf Pooley as Pilgrim
  • Raymond Rollett as De Bohm
  • Nigel Green as Hermit
  • Ralph Michael as Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Walter Randall as Second Sailor
  • Daphne Anderson as Lady Guinevere
  • Michael Ashlin as 2nd Courtier
  • Dawn Beret as Lady Blanche
  • Brandon Brady as Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Kevin Brennan as Bertram de la Marche
  • John Brooking as Steward
  • Robert Bruce as Royal servant
  • Vivienne Burgess as Maid
  • Ian Curry as Sir Roland
  • Hugh David as 1st Knight
  • Patrick Durkin as Guard
  • Peter Elliott as Simeon
  • Denzil Ellis as Steward
  • William Forbes as Tom the tracker
  • Silvia Francis as Lady Stephanie
  • Willoughby Goddard as Arnold de Chatillon
  • Nicholas Grimshaw as Physician
  • Laurence Hardy as Salivar
  • Reginald Hearne as Steward
  • Stuart Hillier as Herald of Scotland
  • Robert Hollyman as Monk
  • Peter Illing as Stephen de Tours
  • John Kelland as Sir Percy
  • David Ludman as 2nd Guard
  • Oliver MacGreevy as 1st Guard
  • Andreas Malandrinos as Gatekeeper
  • Zena Marshall as Zara
  • Francis Matthews as Sir Humphrey
  • Jack May as 2nd Knight
  • Ferdy Mayne as Merlin
  • Michael McStay as Knight
  • Riggs O'Hara as Ali
  • Katharine Page as Mother Maria
  • Bill Parsons as Priest
  • George Pastell as Gamal
  • Soraya Rafat as Villa
  • Hubert Rees as Chamberlain
  • Nadja Regin as Shirin
  • Dominic Roche as King Henry II
  • Alec Ross as 1st English soldier
  • Stuart Saunders as Landlord
  • Harold Siddons as Morgan
  • Vanessa Thornton as Lady-in-waiting
  • Hedger Wallace as Noble
  • Beresford Williams as Archbishop
  • Alister Williamson as Red Hugh
  • Norman Wynne as Harbour Master
  • Fred Abbott as Guard
  • Roger Bizley as First Thief
  • Tom Busby as First Sailor
  • Richard Caldicot as Baron Fitzgeorge
  • Golda Casimir as Jewish Woman
  • Noel Coleman as Sir Roland
  • Richard Dobson as Stable Boy
  • Clifford Earl as First Soldier
  • Anna Gerber as Farah
  • Nora Gordon as Innkeeper's Wife
  • Walter Gotell as Prince Otto
  • Neil Hallett as Lemuel
  • John Hatton as Second Arab
  • Joan Haythorne as Queen Eleanor
  • Eira Heath as Rose
  • John G. Heller as First Prince
  • Ronald Howard as Robin Hood
  • Jane Hylton as Megan
  • Jill Ireland as Marianne
  • Jennifer Jayne as Mary
  • Ann Lancaster as Second Onlooker
  • Howard Lang as First Shepherd
  • Philip Latham as Brian McFergus
  • Sean Lynch as Gangleader Demere
  • Robert MacKenzie as Sailor Guard
  • John Mahoney as Tailor
  • Bernard Martin as Guard
  • Bernadette Milnes as Girl
  • Peter Myers as Sir Hugh
  • Bill Nagy as Meredith
  • Michael O'Brien as Sir Thomas
  • Rasidi Onikoyi as Nubian
  • Roy Patrick as Captain
  • Ellen Pollock as Lady Melinda
  • Robert Raglan as Father Benedict
  • Frederick Rawlings as Third Onlooker
  • Robert Robinson as First Arab
  • Margaretta Scott as Duchess
  • John Southworth as Second Shepherd
  • Charles Stanley as First Onlooker
  • Donald Tandy as Herald of France
  • June Thorburn as Diane
  • Leon Cortez as Innkeeper
  • Michael Wells as Second Soldier
  • Jill Williams as Nora
  • Christopher Witty as Arthur
  • Michael Wynne as Captain
  • Colin Bean as Yeoman
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