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Coat of arms of Ruanda-Urundi
Coat of arms
Status Mandate of Belgium
Capital Usumbura
Common languages French, Dutch
Roman Catholicism
• Established
November 1 1922
• Independence
July 1 1962
Currency Belgian Congo franc
Preceded by
Succeeded by
German East Africa
Kingdom of Burundi
Kingdom of Rwanda

Ruanda-Urundi was a part of German East Africa under Belgian military occupation from 1916 to 1924. It continued under Belgian rule from 1924 to 1962. It then became the independent states of Rwanda and Burundi.

Royal administrators

Royal Commissioners

  • Justin Malfeyt (November 1916-May 1919)
  • Alfred Frédéric Gérard Marzorati (May 1919-August 1926)

Governors (Deputy Governors-General of the Belgian Congo)

  • Alfred Frédéric Gérard Marzorati (August 1926-February 1929)
  • Louis Joseph Postiaux (February 1929-July 1930)
  • Charles Henri Joseph Voisin (July 1930-August 1932)
  • Eugène Jacques Pierre Louis Jungers (August 1932-July 1946)
  • Maurice Simon (July 1946-August 1949)
  • Léon Antoine Marie Pétillon (August 1949-January 1952)
  • Alfred Claeys Boùùaert (January 1952-March 1955)
  • Jean-Paul Harroy (March 1955-January 1962)

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