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Rupert Bear: Follow the Magic...
Rupert Bear, Follow the Magic.png
Created by Mary Tourtel
Alfred Bestall
Andy Cutbill
Directed by Barry Purves
Creative director(s) Francis Vose
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 52
Producer(s) Francis Vose
Running time 10 minutes
Production company(s) Entertainment Rights
Cosgrove Hall Films
Distributor Entertainment Rights
Original network Five
Original release 8 November 2006 (2006-11-08) – 1 February 2008 (2008-02-01)

Rupert Bear: Follow the Magic... is a children's television series based on the Mary Tourtel character, Rupert Bear. Aimed at pre-school children, the show is part stop motion, part computer-generated imagery. Rupert Bear still wears his trademark bright yellow plaid trousers and matching scarf, with a red jumper. Rupert has brown fur once again, just as he was originally drawn in 1920: when he appeared as a cartoon character in the Daily Express, they economised on ink by printing him white.

It was broadcast on Five from 8 November to 20 November 2006, as part of their Milkshake! block. Thirteen 10-minute original episodes were broadcast and subsequently repeated. Following the success of these, a further 39 episodes have been produced to date.

The series became available on Peacock.


  • Rupert Bear – The adventure loving bear that makes everyday into an exciting adventure to enjoy and often brings his friends along.
  • Bill Badger – the fact-loving badger
  • Edward Trunk – timid elephant
  • Ping Pong – magical, female Pekinese
  • Ming – Ping Pong's pet baby dragon
  • Raggety – young tree elf
  • Freddy and Freda – mischievous fox twins
  • Miranda – beautiful, whimsical mermaid
  • Podgy Pig – a food loving Pig, a close friend of Rupert Bear
  • Bruce – Rupert Bear's car


Each episode follows an adventure in the woodland world of Nutwood, England. The characters go between Rupert's cottage, the friends' tree house, Ping Pong's colourful pagoda and the ocean, where Miranda lives.


Series 1

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
1 1 "Rupert's Wild Scooter Ride" TBA Rachel Dawson 2006-11-8 (2006-11-8)
Rupert is very skilled at riding his scooter, and drums up some magical assistance to go just that little bit faster.
2 2 "Rupert's Undersea Adventure" TBA Rebecca Stevens 2006-11-9 (2006-11-9)
Rupert, Bill and Ping Pong have to rescue Miranda the Mermaid from the clutches of a giant clam.
3 3 "Rupert Builds a Nest" TBA Gillian Corderoy 2006-11-10 (2006-11-10)
Rupert and Ping Pong find a broken bird's nest, containing two eggs, which the Fox Twins have accidentally knocked out of a tree. The mother bird is frantic and the friends are determined to save the eggs.
4 4 "Rupert and the Stargirl" TBA Alison Stewart 2006-11-11 (2006-11-11)
Rupert, Bill and Raggety meet Astra, a star child who has fallen to earth.
5 5 "Rupert and the Cloud Shepherd" TBA Rebecca Stevens 2006-11-12 (2006-11-12)
Rupert, Ping Pong, Bill and Ming help the Cloud Shepherd find some missing clouds that have sneaked away to play. But how can the friends get them back up into the sky?
6 6 "Rupert and the Magic Carpet" TBA Laura Summers 2006-11-13 (2006-11-13)
When Ming gets stuck up a tree, Rupert, Ping Pong and Bill try to rescue her but, thanks to Edward's mistakes, they all get stuck too. Can Edward overcome his fear of heights and save them?
7 7 "Rupert and the Cheeky Sneeze" TBA Elly Brewel 2006-11-14 (2006-11-14)
When one of Rupert's sneezes escapes, the friends have to find it a home in the forest.
8 8 "Rupert and the Special Sandcastle" TBA Rachel Dawson 2006-11-15 (2006-11-15)
Despite Miranda's warnings, a sandcastle competition in Rocky Bay is in danger from the incoming tide.
9 9 "Rupert and the Magic Lantern" TBA Rebecca Stevens 2006-11-16 (2006-11-16)
Rupert, Edward and Bill go camping, but the Fox Twins play tricks on them.
10 10 "Rupert's Treasure Hunt" TBA Steve James 2006-11-17 (2006-11-17)
Whilst Rupert, Ping Pong, Bill and Ming enjoy an impromptu treasure hunt in Nutwood, Raggety is getting the wood tidy for the annual visit of the Spring Inspector.
11 11 "Rupert Files to Cheddar Moon" TBA Andy Cutbill 2006-11-18 (2006-11-18)
When Ping Pong uses her magic to turn Rupert's pedal car into a spaceship, they fly to the moon. There they meet the Man on the Moon, who runs a cheese stall.
12 12 "Rupert and the Giant Egg Race" TBA Jon Groves 2006-11-19 (2006-11-19)
It's the day of the Nutwood Egg and Spoon race, but Raggety has magically turned Ping Pong into a giant egg. How can Rupert and his friends have their race now?
13 13 "Rupert's Magic Car" TBA Gillian Corderoy 2006-11-20 (2006-11-20)
Miranda the Mermaid has never been able to visit Nutwood — until Rupert has a clever idea.

Series 2

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
14 1 "Rupert and the Unusual Birthday" TBA TBA TBA
It's Edward's birthday and Rupert wants to give him the best birthday party ever.
15 2 "Rupert and the Rainbow" TBA TBA TBA
It's a colorful Nutwood when Rupert and Ping Pong try to use the Rainbow to paint pictures with.
16 3 "Rupert and the Toy Soldiers" TBA TBA TBA
When Ping Pong's spell to fix a broken toy Soldier goes wrong, Rupert and his friends need help from an unexpected source to get him back in the box.
17 4 "Rupert and the Giant Sunflower" TBA TBA TBA
Rupert is very excited; Mother Nature has given him a special elixir to help his sunflower seeds grow, but there's a big surprise to come.
18 5 "Rupert and the Cuckoo Clock" TBA TBA TBA
When Mum's cuckoo clock breaks, time stops and Ping Pong, Ming, Edward and Bill freeze in time.
19 6 "Rupert and the Magic Books" TBA TBA TBA
20 7 "Rupert and the Mischievous Genie" TBA TBA TBA
Rupert, Ping Pong, Bill, Edward and Raggety find some magical, musical stepping stones deep in the woods and unwittingly unleash a naughty young genie bent on making mischief.
21 8 "Rupert and the Scarecrow" TBA TBA TBA
Rupert and the others meet a sad little scarecrow who's lonely and upset that the crows don't come near him.
22 9 "Rupert and the Octopus's Garden" TBA TBA TBA
Ping Pong's magic accidentally brings a picture of an Octopus to life, and the friends need to stop it from causing chaos.
23 10 "Rupert and the Treasure Chest" TBA TBA TBA
An old Pirate tells Rupert he is searching for the treasure that will raise his sunken ship from the depths. How can Rupert help him?
24 11 "Rupert and the Magic Show" TBA TBA TBA
25 12 "Rupert and the Missing Music" TBA TBA TBA
Rupert asks Ping Pong to do some magic to make their band instruments play better, but the spell goes wrong.
26 13 "Rupert and the Weather Machine" TBA TBA TBA
When it starts raining sausages in Nutwood, Rupert and friends fly up to the Cloud Shepherd's home to find out what has happened to the weather machine.

Series 3

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
27 1 "Rupert and the Hilarious Hiccups" TBA TBA TBA
28 2 "Rupert and the Snowglobe" TBA TBA TBA
29 3 "Rupert and the Dancing Shoes" TBA TBA TBA
30 4 "Rupert and the Oldest Tree" TBA TBA TBA
31 5 "Rupert and the Clockwork Dragon" TBA TBA TBA
32 6 "Rupert and the Moon Adventure" TBA TBA TBA
33 7 "Rupert and the Grumbleclouds" TBA TBA TBA
34 8 "Rupert and the Playful Wind" TBA TBA TBA
35 9 "Rupert's Bird's Eye View" TBA TBA TBA
36 10 "Rupert and the Memory Man" TBA TBA TBA
37 11 "Rupert and the Invisible Foxes" TBA TBA TBA
38 12 "Rupert and the Dew Fairy" TBA TBA TBA
39 13 "Rupert and the Apple River" TBA TBA TBA

Series 4

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
40 1 "Rupert to the Rescue" TBA TBA TBA
41 2 "Rupert and the Butterfly Collector" TBA TBA TBA
42 3 "Rupert and the Lost Stars" TBA TBA TBA
43 4 "Rupert and the Photo Finish" TBA TBA TBA
44 5 "Rupert Lights the Way" TBA TBA TBA
45 6 "Rupert and the Sleepy Flowers" TBA TBA TBA
46 7 "Rupert and the Magical Puppets" TBA TBA TBA
47 8 "Rupert and the Beehive" TBA TBA TBA
48 9 "Rupert and the Lost Bird" TBA TBA TBA
49 10 "Rupert and the Sailing Race" TBA TBA TBA
50 11 "Rupert and the Flying Dragon" TBA TBA TBA
Rupert tries to help Ming fly by attaching a balloon to him, but the wind blows Ming away.
51 12 "Rupert Saves Christmas" TBA TBA TBA
52 13 "Rupert and the Snow Key" TBA TBA TBA
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