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Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

  • República Árabe Saharaui Democrática  (Spanish)
  • الجمهورية العربية الصحراوية الديمقراطية (Arabic)
Flag of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Coat of arms of Western Sahara
Coat of arms
Motto: الحرية والديمقراطية والوحدة
"Libertad, Democracia, Unidad" (Spanish)
"Liberté, Démocratie, Unité" (French)

"Liberty, Democracy, Unity"
Anthem: Yā Banīy As-Saharā
¡Oh hijos del Sáhara! (Spanish)
O fils du Sahara! (French)

Oh Sons of the Sahara
Areas controlled by the SADR in dark green, claimed but uncontrolled areas in light green
Areas controlled by the SADR in dark green, claimed but uncontrolled areas in light green
  • Laayounea (claimed)
  • Tifariti (de facto)
Largest Laayoune (claimed)
Official languages
  • Sahrawi
  • Western Saharan
  • Sahrawian
Government One-party semi-presidential republic
• President
Brahim Ghali
• Prime Minister
Mohamed Wali Akeik
Legislature Sahrawi National Council
Sovereignty disputed with Morocco
• Western Sahara relinquished by Spain
November 14, 1975
• Republic declared
February 27, 1976
• Total
266,000 km2 (103,000 sq mi) (83rd)
• Water (%)
• September 2010 estimate
100,000 or 502,585c (182nd)
• Density
0.37 or 1.9/km2 (1.0 or 4.9/sq mi) (236th)
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Per capita
  • de facto -
    Moroccan dirham (in claimed areas)
  • de jure -
    Sahrawi peseta,Algerian dinar, Mauritanian ouguiya
Time zone UTC
Internet TLD Nonee
  1. Article 4 of the Sahrawi constitution. The SADR government is based in the Tindouf refugee camps in Algeria. It controls the area east of the Moroccan Wall in Western Sahara which it labels the "Free Zone".
  2. Area of the whole territory of Western Sahara claimed by SADR.
  3. 500,000 is the estimate given for the population of Western Sahara based on comparative study of population growth since 1975, the date when the last census took place in Western Sahara. 100,000 is the estimated number of people living in the Tindouf refugee camps in Algeria where the SADR is headquartered.
  4. 75% to 80% of the claimed territory is de facto under Moroccan administration.
  5. TLD of .eh is reserved for Western Sahara but not yet granted to any claimant.110%

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) (Arabic: الجمهورية العربية الصحراوية الديمقراطية , Spanish: República Árabe Saharaui Democrática) is a partially recognized state that claims sovereignty over the entire territory of Western Sahara. SADR was proclaimed by the Polisario Front on February 27, 1976 in Bir Lehlu, Western Sahara. The SADR government currently controls between 20% and 25% of the territory it claims. It calls the territories under its control the Liberated Territories or Free Zone. Morocco controls and administers the rest of the disputed territory and calls these lands its Southern Provinces. The SADR government considers the Moroccan-held territory occupied territory, while Morocco considers the much smaller SADR held territory to be a buffer zone.

The United Nations calls all of the Western Sahara a dependency of Spain,

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