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Sydney Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland
Eucalyptus luehmanniana woodland.jpg
Yellow-top mallee ash growing at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.
Realm Australasia
Biome Temperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublands, Mediterranean forests
Borders Eastern Australian temperate forests
Country Australia
Elevation 300–600 metres (980–1,970 ft)
Coordinates 33°37′5.45″S 151°15′30.82″E / 33.6181806°S 151.2585611°E / -33.6181806; 151.2585611
Geology Sandstone, shale
Climate type Humid subtropical climate (Cfa)
Soil types Clay, sand (podsol), loam

The Sydney Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland is one of six main indigenous forest communities of Sydney, Australia found predominantly on ridgetops and slopes of the Hornsby Plateau, Woronora Plateau and the lower Blue Mountains area. It is an area of high biodiversity, existing on poor sandstone soils, with regular wildfires, and moderate rainfall.


The Ridgetop Woodland is a low eucalypt forest having a diverse sclerophyll shrub layer, mallees and open groundcover of sedges that sit on the Triassic Hawkesbury sandstone plateaux, which encircle the Sydney Basin. The community is found in areas 600m above sea level where the average annual rainfall ranges from 850mm to 1650mm. Around one-quarter of this community has been cleared for urban development, though many areas still remain in conservation reserves.


Selected plant species of Sydney Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland
Common name Botanical name Approx. height Plantnet
Tree species
Narrow-leaved Apple Angophora bakeri to 6 metres details
Sydney red gum Angophora costata to 15 metres details
Yellow bloodwood Corymbia eximia to 15 metres details
Red bloodwood Corymbia gummifera to 15 metres details
Scribbly Gum Eucalyptus haemastoma to 12 metres details
Dwarf Apple Angophora hispida to 5 metres details
Sydney peppermint Eucalyptus piperita to 15 metres details
Scribbly Gum Eucalyptus racemosa to 15 metres details
Scalybark Eucalyptus squamosa to 15 metres details
Stringybark Eucalyptus oblonga to 12 metres details
Grey gum Eucalyptus punctata to 15 metres details
Stringybark Eucalyptus oblonga to 15 metres details
Narrow-leaved Stringybark Eucalyptus sparsifolia to 15 metres details
Sunshine wattle Acacia terminalis to 6 metres details
Black she-oak Allocasuarina littoralis to 6 metres details
Old man banksia Banksia serrata to 8 metres details
Silver banksia Banksia marginata to 8 metres details
She-oak Allocasuarina distyla to 4 metres details
Shrub species
Sweet scented wattle Acacia suaveolens to 2.5 metres details
Heath banksia Banksia ericifolia to 5 metres details
Hairpin banksia Banksia spinulosa to 3 metres details
Sydney boronia Boronia ledifolia to 1.5 metres details
Bossiaea Bossiaea rhombifolia to 2 metres details
Bossiaea Bossiaea lenticularis to 1 metre details
Long Leaf Smokebush Conospermum longifolium to 2 metres details
Eggs and Bacon Dillwynia retorta to 3 metres details
Wedge pea Gompholobium grandiflorum to 1 metre details
Red spider flower Grevillea speciosa to 3 metres details
Tea tree Leptospermum trinervium to 4 metres details
Pink kunzea Kunzea capitata to 2 metres details
Mountain devil Lambertia formosa to 2 metres details
Red rusty petals Lasiopetalum rufum to 1 metre details
Phebalium Phebalium squamulosum to 7 metres details
Crinkle bush Lomatia silaifolia to 2 metres details
Stalked Conestick Petrophile pedunculata to 2.5 metres details
Purple mirbelia Mirbelia speciosa to 1 metre details
Ground covers
Flannel flower Actinotus helianthi details
Sedge Cyathochaeta diandra details
Sreading flax lily Dianella revoluta details
Wiry panic Entolasia stricta details
Scale rush Lepyrodia scariosa details
Pale mat rush Lomandra glauca details
Twisted mat rush Lomandra obliqua details
Silky Purple-flag Patersonia sericea details
Other species (amongst hundreds of others)

Coordinates: 33°37′5.45″S 151°15′30.82″E / 33.6181806°S 151.2585611°E / -33.6181806; 151.2585611

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