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A boat of takoyaki
Course Snack or Appetizer
Place of origin Japan
Region or state Osaka
Main ingredients Batter, octopus, tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger, green onion, takoyaki sauce (with mayonnaise), green laver (aonori)
Variations Taiwanese cuisine
Takoyaki by yomi955
Ready-to-eat takoyaki.

Takoyaki ([たこ焼き or 蛸焼] Error: {{nihongo}}: text has italic markup (help), literally fried or grilled octopus) is a popular ball-shaped Japanese dumpling. It is like a savory pancake in a ball-shape which is cooked in a special pan.

Takoyaki is a specialty of Osaka and Kyoto. It is usually eaten as a snack.

Many people in Osaka and Kyoto have a special cooker that makes takoyaki. This is because they eat takoyaki often.


Takoyaki was invented in Osaka in 1935 by Tomekichi Endo. It is most often made with flour and small pieces of boiled octopus.

A takoyaki pan.

How To Make Takoyaki

  • First, mix flour and egg with water to make dough. It is important the dough is not too thick but not too watery.
  • Second, pour the dough into a takoyaki pan.
  • Third, put a piece of cut, boiled octopus into each of the holes of the takoyaki pan. Also, put pickled ginger, and tenkasu (deep-fried flour dough).
  • Fourth, turn the dough as it cooks to make a ball-shape.
  • Finally, once cooked, put takoyaki sauce, katsuobushi (dried fish flakes), and aonori (green laver) on the balls.

Minor planet

A minor planet named "6562 Takoyaki" was discovered in 1991 by M. Yanai and K. Watanabe at Katani. The name was selected by children who visited the Funai Space Festival which was held in Osaka in 2001.

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