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The Apprentice is a television show that first aired in 2004 in the United States, featuring businessman Donald Trump. The show has a group of 15-18 businessmen and businesswomen hoping to get a $250,000 job of running one of Donald Trump's companies. In each episode, the contestants are split into two teams who each have to do a task. The task could be selling something, making an advert or running a stall at an event. In the end, one team will win (usually because they have made the most money) and they will get a treat. On the team that loses, they will have to explain to Trump what went wrong, and eventually Trump will fire one of them.

The Apprentice was developed by Mark Burnett, who successfully brought Survivor to the US. The catch phrase of the show is "You're Fired!", which Trump says to a contestant when they leave. In the very last episode, Trump says "You're Hired!" to the winner instead.

In the USA there have been seven seasons. In the last seaons, they have featured celebrities.

Many countries have their own version of The Apprentice, each having a different person in charge. The UK version has Alan Sugar.

There is a celebrity version called The Celebrity Apprentice.

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