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The Periodic Table:
Elements with Style
Periodic Table Elements with style.jpg
Author Adrian Dingle
Illustrator Simon Basher
Cover artist Simon Basher
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Simon Basher Science
Subject Periodic table
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Kingfisher Publications (UK)
Macmillan (US)
Publication date
May 23, 2007
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 128 pages
ISBN 0-7534-6085-8
Followed by Physics: Why Matter Matters! 

The Periodic Table: Elements with Style is a 2007 children's science book created by Simon Basher and written by Adrian Dingle. It is the first book in Basher's science series, which includes Physics: Why Matter Matters!, Biology: Life As We Know It, Astronomy: Out of this World!, Rocks and Minerals: A Gem of a Book, and Planet Earth: What Planet Are You On?, each of which is 128 pages long.

The book is arranged in eleven chapters plus an introduction, and includes a poster in the back of the book. Each chapter is on a different group of the periodic table (hydrogen, the alkali metals, the alkaline earth metals, the transition metals, the boron elements, the carbon elements, the nitrogen elements, the oxygen elements, the halogen elements, the noble gases, the lanthanides and actinides, and the transactinides). For every type of then known atom, Basher has created a "manga-esque" cartoon, and for many types of atoms, Dingle, a high-school chemistry teacher who also developed an award-winning chemistry website has written a couple paragraphs of facts to go with the cartoon. Dingle, who says that "[s]cience is a serious business", wanted in writing the book "to get people engaged is to make it accessible while still presenting hard facts and knowledge," while Basher was concerned that the book's design be "sharp and focused" in order to "connect with today's visually advanced young audience."

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