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Top Cat Begins
Top Cat Begins Poster.jpg
UK release poster
Directed by Andrés Couturier
Produced by Fernando de Fuentes
Jose C. Garcia de Letona
Screenplay by Jim Krieg
Doug Langdale
Jorge Ramírez-Suárez
Starring Raúl Anaya
Mauricio Pérez
Jesús Guzmán
Gerardo Alonso
Mario Filio
Octavio Rojas
Music by Leoncio Lara Bon
Editing by Patrick Danse
Studio Ánima Estudios
Discreet Arts Productions
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s) 30 October 2015 (2015-10-30)
Running time 90 minutes
Country India
Language English
Budget $8 million
Money made MX$54.1 million
(US$4.6 million)

Top Cat Begins (also known in Spanish as Don Gato: El Inicio de la Pandilla, literally Top Cat: The Start of the Gang) is a 2015 Indian-Mexican computer-animated comedy film, produced by Ánima Estudios and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures in Mexico. Based on the Hanna-Barbera animated television series, Top Cat, this film is a prequel to both the series and the previous film, taking place before Top Cat met his gang.

The film was first released in Mexico on 30 October 2015, where it was moderately successful, while an underperformance of its more-successful predecessor, and has grossed $54.1 million pesos.

Internationally, the film was later released in the United Kingdom on 27 May 2016, distributed by Kaleidoscope Film Distribution and Warner Bros. UK, where it was met with negative reviews and was a major box office bomb.

The film has grossed a worldwide total $4.6 million on an $8 million budget.

The film was released on 29 September 2017 in the United States on home video and digital platforms, distributed by Viva Pictures.


It starts off at a club owned by Mr. Big called The Starlight Club. Most people who come there are rich and constantly shown throwing money everywhere. Then we see Top Cat, Choo-Choo, Fancy-Fancy and Brain enter the club and cause the waiter to get beaten up while they enter the kitchen testing the food. The waiter followed them and Top Cat tricks him by saying that he is the health inspector and the food is bad the waiter suggests he should speak to Mr. Big. Top Cat agrees then the gang go on the Elevator to Mr. Big's office once they were gone the waiter called Mr. Big and said that the health inspector is coming to his office but the real health inspector is getting paid by Mr. Big and he sends his goons to beat the living daylight out of the fake health inspector. While the gang is on the elevator, Mr. Big's goons come in and chase after them they then go into an area in the club where a cat is singing All About That Bass while she is doing that the gang sneaks up backstage where they escape the club. Then they get stuck on the lift then a strange figure comes and volunteers to help the gang Top Cat disagrees but the elevator started to fall.

Then Top Cat flashbacks to the day he came to New York City when he heard a horrible sound he told the cat to stop playing it the cat agrees and says he needs to make more money to buy dough but Top Cat says that he would help him if he gets most of the money the cat aggress and says his name is Benny the Ball and the two make money with Benny playing the violin with horrible skills. When it was the end of the day TC suggests they should go to Mrs. B's place on the way they bump into two orphans who stole cakes from the bakery just then an officer called Officer Charlie Dibble comes and tries to arrest them but TC defends them and tells him they had been with him all day. Dibble trusts him and leaves the orphans then the orphans tell Top Cat about Bad Dog and if they don't get enough money he would burn the orphanage down. Top Cat says he would talk to him but Bad Dog beats him before he could say a word. TC and Benny go to Mrs. B's place where they are about to eat dinner but they get stew. While Benny is enjoying it TC doesn't like it and suggests if he and Benny would work together he should be cool and he shouldn't eat horrible food.

The next day TC and Benny pull cons on the New York residents which causes the New York City Police Department to be onto them and they choose Officer Dibble to spy on the two. Later that day TC and Benny go into an apartment and try to con more people when they ring the doorbell but the person turns out to be Officer Dibble and he chases them all over the city until he loses them TC and Benny then bump into Bad Dog and company and Bad Dog threatens them to stop playing cons and throw them in a garbage can soon they find out that they work for Mr. Big and TC plans to rob the place by switching the bags that Bad Dog has once they rob the place TC chooses Benny to keep it for him. Later in the night TC and Benny are at the Starlight Club when they get taken to the kitchen and get knocked out. The two suddenly find themselves in Mr. Big's office. Mr. Big then forces them to tell him where his diamonds are and TC suggests that he would show him. Mr. Big agrees and tells Bad Dog to go with them. When they got to Benny's house TC asks him where the diamonds where but Benny forgot so TC tricks Bad Dog to get eaten by a chair and the two escape from the house. The next day Mr. Big's goons make wanted posters for Top Cat and Benny so the two call Officer Dibble to help them but Dibble suggests Granny Dibble should look after them so Dibble escorts them to the train station.

Once they get to their destination they meet Granny Dibble who isn't what the two think she is. She then forces them to do chores and eat crackers. While painting the fence Top Cat gets knocked out by three cats from the circus that got fired because they let out the lion and Top Cat agrees to help the three cats whose names are Choo-Choo, Brain, and Fancy-Fancy but instead of helping them he tricks them into doing his chores. Later that day they go to get ice cream but on the way, a gangster spots TC and Benny and reports them to Bad Dog. Once they get back they find Bad Dog and company and they try to kill them but luckily Granny Dibble saves them. Top Cat and Benny return to New York in the evening and TC gets mad at Benny because he spent money on a chocolate bar. Benny then feels sad and walks away.

Later that night Benny gets home and his mom tells him she sold the diamonds to the starlight club so Benny goes on a mission to steal the diamonds back. Later that night TC goes into Officer Dibble's house and tells him about Benny left him and Dibble suggests that they should find him. Meanwhile, Benny sneaks into the club and discuses himself as a singer but then he gets caught and is chased around the club suddenly TC and Dibble arrive but get chased down by an angry mob and Benny gets captured by Mr. Big's goons. To save Top Cat, Dibble sends him to Florida. While at the airport, he realizes that all he needs is friends and returns to New York then Choo-Choo, Brain and Fancy-Fancy and they agree to help Top Cat.

Then Top Cat agrees for the guy to help and he reveals his name is Spook, a pizza cat who lost his true love Eleanor the Motorcycle because of Mr. Big and the five make a plan to rescue Benny the Ball.

Suddenly Mr. Big's goons shoot a pizza box and all there is a recording of Top Cat's voice and Top Cat disguises himself as a businessman and makes the residents chase down Mr. Big. To get away Mr. Big climbs up a chain. To stop him, Top Cat and Benny cut the chain. The next day Top Cat apologizes to Benny and tells his gang to meet him at Hoagy's Alley. Meanwhile, the residents and Dibble turn Mr. Big in. Later that day Top Cat buries Mr. Big's diamonds under the alley but it ends up giving it to the two orphans and Top Cat's gang end the film by singing the original theme song.

Voice cast

  • Jason Harris Katz as Top Cat/ Choo-Choo/ Brain
  • Chris Edgerly as Benny the Ball
  • Diedrich Bader as Bad Dog
  • Darin De Paul as Mr. Big
  • Bill Lobley as Officer Charlie Dibble
  • Dave Boat as Chief Thumbton
  • Charlie Adler as Granny Dibble
  • Matthew Piazzi as Fancy-Fancy
  • Lauri Fraser as Mrs. B
  • Benjamin Diskin as Spook
  • Marieve Herington as Panther
  • Joey D'Auria as Rat
  • Patty Mattson as Furletta Duchat

Additional voices include David Shaughnessy, Nick Shakoour, Steve Blum, Grey DeLisle, Diane Michelle, Rachael MacFarlane, Pamela Chollet, Jim Ward, G. K. Bowes, Sean Kenin, and Sue Boyajian.

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