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Ununtrium is a chemical element. It is also named eka-thallium. It has the symbol Uut. It has the atomic number 113. It is a transuranium element.

Ununtrium does not exist in nature. It has to be made. It is made from the alpha decay of ununpentium.

No uses for ununtrium are known. What darmstadtium looks like is not known because not enough has been made to see it with human eyesight. Using trends in the Periodic Table it could be soft, silver color, very reactive metal like sodium.


On February 1 2004 ununtrium and ununpentium were discovered. A team of Russian scientists at Dubna from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and American scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory first reported the chemical elements.

On September 28 2004 a team of Japanese scientists said that they had made the element.,,

In May 2006 in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research made ununtrium using a different method. They found the identity of the last products of the radioactive decay of the ununtrium they made.


Ununtrium is a temporary IUPAC systematic element name. Scientists from Japan suggested the name japonium (symbol Jp) or rikenium (Rk).

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