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Millennium: 2nd millennium BC
Centuries: 18th century BC17th century BC – 16th century BC
Decades: 1720s BC 1710s BC 1700s BC1690s BC1680s BC 1670s BC 1660s BC
Years: 1699 BC 1698 BC 1697 BC 1696 BC 1695 BC 1694 BC 1693 BC 1692 BC 1691 BC 1690 BC
Categories: Births – Deaths – Architecture
Establishments – Disestablishments


  • 1700 - 1500 BC Hurrian conquest
  • 1698 BC- King Jie of China kills his minister Guan Longfeng according to Chinese legend.
  • The Exodus: The Israelites leave Egypt, Thrasyllus of Mendes says this. He was an Egyptian mathematician and astronomer who lived c. 1691 BC.
  • 1691 BC June—Lunar Saros 32 begins.[1]

Significant people

  • Belu-bani, King of Assyria, r. 1700–1691 BC.
  • Libaia, King of Assyria r. 1691–1674 BC.
  • Abi-eshuh, King of Babylon, r. 1712–1684 (middle chronology)
  • Jie, Legendary King of the supposed Xia dynasty (existence disputed) in China, r. c.1728–1675 BC
  • Merneferre Ay, Pharaoh of Egypt, r. c.1714–1691 BC
  • Merhotepre Ini, Pharaoh of Egypt, r. c.1691–1689 BC
  • Fourteenth dynasty Pharaohs (see List of Pharaohs for details), 1705–1690 BC
  • Lila-Ir-Tash king of the Elamite Empire, r. c.1700–c.1698 BC.
  • Temti-Agun I king of the Elamite Empire, r. c.1698–c.1690 BC.
  • Tan-Uli king of the Elamite Empire, r. c.1690–c.1655 BC.
  • Agum I, King of the Kassites, r. 1705–1690 BC
  • Kashtiliash I, King of the Kassites, r. 1690–1680 BC
  • Itti-Ili-Nibi, King of the Sealand, r. c.1700–1683 BC
  • 1695 BC—Death of Sarah, wife of Abraham, according to the Hebrew Calendar
  • 1691 BC—Death of Merneferre Ay, Pharaoh of Egypt

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