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Millennium: 1st millennium
Centuries: 8th century9th century10th century
Decades: 850s  860s  870s  – 880s –  890s  900s  910s
Years: 883 884 885886 – 887 888 889


  • The Glagolitic alphabet, devised by Cyril and Methodius, missionaries from Constantinople, is adopted in the Bulgarian Empire.
  • Alfred the Great captures London and renames it Lundenburgh. The boundaries between Wessex and the Danelaw are shifted.
  • Alfred the Great builds a small harbour called Queenhythe slightly upstream from London Bridge.
  • Alfred the Great mints the first halfpenny. Previous halfpennies had been pennies cut in half.
  • Earl Aethelred is given control of London by Alfred the Great. Alfred's sister Ethelfleda marries Aethelred.
  • Leo VI succeeds his stepfather Basil I as Byzantine emperor and replaces patriarch Photius with his brother Stephen I.
  • Khan Boris I of Bulgaria establishes the Preslav and Ohrid Literary Schools.
  • Charles II of France purchases peace with Vikings at Paris.
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