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Fleuve Agly.jpg
Agly river with the Canigou mountain on the back
Country  France
Region Occitanie
Departments Aude, Pyrénées-Orientales
 - left Maury, Verdouble, Roboul
 - right Boulzane, Désix
Landmark Gorges de Galamus
Source to the northwest of Pech de Bugarach
 - location Bugarach, Aude, France
 - elevation 940 m (3,084 ft)
 - coordinates 42°52′30″N 2°23′05″E / 42.8751°N 2.3846°E / 42.8751; 2.3846
Mouth Mediterranean Sea
 - location between Le Barcarès and Torreilles, Pyrénées-Orientales, France
 - elevation m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 42°46′44″N 3°02′20″E / 42.779°N 3.0388°E / 42.779; 3.0388
Length 81.7 km (51 mi)
Basin 1,055 km² (407 sq mi)
Discharge for Le Barcarès
 - average 6.5 /s (230 cu ft/s)

The Agly River (Catalan: Aglí, Occitan: Aglin) is a river in southern France. It flows mostly to the southeast through the Plain of Roussillon, in the region of Occitanie. It ends in the Mediterranean Sea.

On its way to the Mediterranean Sea, it flows through the departments of Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales.


The Agly river is 81.7 km (50.8 mi) long. Its source is on the Pass of Linas, to the northeast of the Pech de Bugarach, the highest of the Corbières mountains, departments of Aude, at an elevation of 940 m (3,084 ft).

It then goes into the Pyrénées-Orientales by the gorges of Galamus and flows into the Mediterranean Sea south of Barcarès.

There is a dam on the Agly river, on Caramany, Pyrénées-Orientales; it was built to prevent floods and to store water.

Embouchure agly
Mouth of the Agly


The Agly is a very irregular small river. Its flow was observed over a period of 42 years (1967-2008) in Estagel about twenty kilometers from its mouth and after receiving the waters of its tributary Verdouble.

The discharge of the river at this location is 6.31 m3 per second.

The Agly shows typical seasonal fluctuations like other small rivers in southern France. The highest levels of the river are in winter and spring, from December to May inclusive, with the highest level in February. They are followed by a rapid fall in the flow during the low water period that goes from late June to early October.


The Angly has 19 tributaries; the main ones are:

  • Right tributaries:
    • Boulzane, 34 km.
    • Désix, 32.4 km.
  • Left tributaries
    • Maury, 18.6 km.
    • Verdouble, 46.8 km.
    • Robou, 17.8 km.
Communes traversees par Agly dans les Pyrénées-Orientales
Communes in the Pyrénées-Orientales traversed by the Agly.

Departments and towns along the river

  • Aude : Camps-sur-l'Agly
  • Pyrénées-Orientales : Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet, Ansignan, Caramany, Latour-de-France, Estagel, Cases-de-Pène, Espira-de-l'Agly, Rivesaltes, Claira, Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque, Torreilles


  • Dam (and lake) at Caramany
  • Gorges de Galamus, a narrow canyon made by the Agly river
  • Roman aqueduct at Ansignan


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