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Pronunciation IPA: [aɾaɣoˈnes]
Native to Spain
Region Aragon; northern and central Huesca and northern Zaragoza
Ethnicity Aragonese people
Native speakers 25,500 (2011) including speakers living outside the native area  (2011)
Language family
  • Italic
Early forms:
  • Aragonese
Writing system Latin (Aragonese alphabet)
Official status
Regulated by Academia d'a Luenga Aragonesa
Linguasphere 51-AAA-d
Bariedaz lingüisticas d'Aragón.png
Map of Aragon with the dialects of northern Aragon in gray, blue, and light orange

The Aragonese language is a Romance language spoken in the north of Aragon by 10,000 people.

It is similar to nearby languages: Spanish, Catalan and Occitan. Also, many Aragonese words are similar to Basque words.

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