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The Ashikaga Shogunate had its center in the Muromachi palace (花の御所, Hana-no-gosho).

The Ashikaga shogunate (足利幕府, Ashikaga bakufu, 1336–1573), also known as the Muromachi shogunate (室町幕府, Muromachi bakufu), was a feudal Japanese feudal military government. The heads of government were the shoguns. Each was a member of the Ashikaga clan.

These years are known as the Muromachi period. The period takes gets its name from the district in Kyoto where the Ashikaga shoguns lived.


In 1336, the Ashikaga Takauji and the Ashikaga clan established a military government in Kyoto.

List of Ashikaga Shoguns

Marker for Site of Muromachi Bakufu, Kyoto
  1. Ashikaga Takauji, ruled 1338–1358
  2. Ashikaga Yoshiakira, r. 1359–1368
  3. Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, r. 1368–1394
  4. Ashikaga Yoshimochi, r. 1395–1423
  5. Ashikaga Yoshikazu, r. 1423–1425
  6. Ashikaga Yoshinori, r. 1429–1441
  7. Ashikaga Yoshikatsu, r. 1442–1443
  8. Ashikaga Yoshimasa, r. 1449–1473
  9. Ashikaga Yoshihisa, r. 1474–1489
  10. Ashikaga Yoshitane, r. 1490–1493, 1508–1521
  11. Ashikaga Yoshizumi, r. 1494–1508
  12. Ashikaga Yoshiharu, r. 1521–1546
  13. Ashikaga Yoshiteru, r. 1546–1565
  14. Ashikaga Yoshihide, r. 1568
  15. Ashikaga Yoshiaki, r. 1568–1573

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