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Asamiya (Ôxômiya) অসমীয়া
Oxomiya in Oxomiya Lipi.svg
The word Ôxômiya ('Assamese') in Assamese script
Pronunciation /ɔ.xɔ.mia/
Native to Bangladesh , India , Bengal
Region Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland
Ethnicity Assamese people
Native speakers 15 million  (2010)ne2010
Language family
Kamrupi, Goalpariya
Writing system Eastern Nagari (Assamese)
Assamese Braille
Latin alphabet (Nagamese Creole)
Official status
Official language in  India (Assam)
Regulated by Asam Sahitya Sabha (literature/rhetorical congress of Assam)
Linguasphere 59-AAF-w
Assamese speakers in South Asia (with lighter shades of green signifying non-majority amount of speakers)

Assamese (Assamese: অসমীয়া translated asÔxômiya) is the easternmost Indo-Aryan language, spoken most in the state of Assam in North-East India. It is also the main language of Assam. It is spoken in parts of Arunachal Pradesh and other northeast Indian states.

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