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Aymamón Limestone
Stratigraphic range: Mid-to-Late Miocene
Type Formation
Primary Limestone
Other Chalk
Coordinates 18°30′N 67°00′W / 18.5°N 67.0°W / 18.5; -67.0
Approximate paleocoordinates 18°24′N 66°00′W / 18.4°N 66.0°W / 18.4; -66.0
Region Caribbean
Country Puerto Rico

The Aymamón Limestone is a geologic formation in Puerto Rico. It preserves fossils dating back to the Middle to Late Miocene period.

Fossil content

Various fossils have been found in the Aymamón Limestone:



  • Acar domingensis
  • Arca imbricata
  • Mimachlamys canalis


  • Bulla umbilicata
  • Chicoreus (Triplex) cornurectus
  • Hindsiclava consors
  • Orthaulax aguadillensis
  • Orthaulax portoricoensis
  • Vokesimurex messorius


  • Agaricia sp.
  • Favia sp.
  • Goniopora sp.
  • Meandrina (Placocyathus) sp.
  • Montastrea sp.
  • Porites sp.
  • Siderastrea sp.
  • Solenastrea sp.
  • Stephanocoenia sp.
  • Stylophora sp.
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