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Berlin is the capital of Germany.

Berlin may also refer to:


  • Berlin (surname)
  • Berlin Ndebe-Nlome (born 1987), Cameroonian football player
  • Berlin, former stage name for professional wrestler Alex Wright



United States


  • Berlin, Eastern Cape, in South Africa
  • Berlin (Seedorf), civil parish in Germany
  • Mount Berlin, a mountain in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
  • Berlín, a municipality in El Salvador
  • Berlin, Russia, village in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia


  • Berlin (comic), series of comic books by Jason Lutes depicting life in Berlin from 1928 to 1933
  • Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis, a 1927 German film
  • Berlin (TV series), a 2009 BBC/Open University documentary series written and presented by Matt Frei
  • Berlin (musical), a musical written by Erik Orton while a student at Brigham Young University
  • Berlin (sculpture), a 1987 piece of art in west Berlin
  • the Berlin Painter (active c. 490s-c. 460s BC), conventional name given to an Attic Greek vase-painter
  • Berlin (play), a 2009 play by David Hare
  • the Berlin Noir trilogy (three novels) by Philip Kerr
  • "Berlin" (The Blacklist), a 2014 episode of TV series The Blacklist


  • Berlin (band), American new wave band
  • James Freud and Berlin, Australian new wave band


  • Berlin (Lou Reed album), 1973
  • Berlin (Art Zoyd album), 1987
  • Berlin - A Concert for the People, a 1982 live album by Barclay James Harvest
  • The Berlin Tapes (album), also released as Berlin, by Icehouse, 1995
  • Berlin (EP), 2013 EP by RY X
  • Berlin (Kadavar album), 2015


  • "Berlin" (Lou Reed song), title track from the 1973 album
  • "Berlin", a song by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from the 2007 album Baby 81
  • "Berlin", a song by Snow Patrol from the 2011 album Fallen Empires
  • "Berlin", a song by Marillion from the 1989 album Seasons End
  • "Berlin", a 1981 single by Udo Lindenberg
  • "Berlin", a song by Nina Hagen from the 1993 album Revolution Ballroom
  • "Berlin", a song by RyX from his EP Berlin


  • Berlin (carriage), a type of coach or chariot
  • Berlin A1411, lead ship of the Berlin-class replenishment ships of the German Navy
  • SMS Berlin, a cruiser of the Imperial German Navy
  • Birlinn or Berlin, a type of Scottish longship
  • IWL SR 59 Berlin, an East German motor scooter
  • MS Berlin (1925), an ocean liner built in 1924 as MS Gripsholm
  • SS Berlin, a Great Eastern Railway vessel lost in 1907
  • SS Berlin, a ship built in 1908 that later became the SS Arabic
  • SS Berlin III, a ship built in 1925 that later became the SS Admiral Nakhimov
  • SS City of Berlin, a British passenger steamship of 1875
  • Liège (Paris Métro), a Paris Métro station originally named Berlin

Other uses

  • Berlin Station (disambiguation), stations of the name
  • .berlin, a top level domain
  • Berlin Mills Company, a former company of Berlin, New Hampshire
  • Berlin wool work, a type of embroidery on canvas
  • Berlin Raceway, in Marne, Michigan
  • Berliner (doughnut), a pastry known in Chile as berlín
  • Berlin Defence, chess
  • "Berlin" was the original name of the Fresco windowing system

See also

  • Berliner (disambiguation)
  • East Berlin (disambiguation)
  • West Berlin (disambiguation)
  • New Berlin (disambiguation)
  • Berlin Trilogy, three albums by David Bowie
  • Berlino, mascot for the 2009 World Championships in athletics
  • Berolina, personification of the city of Berlin
  • List of songs about Berlin

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